Lucy Shimmers & The Prince of Peace Blog Tour and Giveaway

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-Film debuts on Amazon Prime on Black Friday, Nov. 27 and Living Scriptures on Dec. 4- Purchase

Salt Lake City – Writer, Director and Producer Rob Diamond announced today that his new film, LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE will be released on Amazon Prime on Black Friday, November 27 and then on Living Scriptures on Friday, December 4.

LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE is Diamond’s 15th feature film and was produced completely in Utah early in 2020. “I can truly say that this is my favorite film I’ve ever made,” said Diamond. “The inspiration for the film came from a dream I had and then the story and the entire production came together absolutely seamlessly.”

LUCY SHIMMERS tells the story of five-year-old Lucy and the incredible influence she has on those around her, especially hardened criminal Edgar. Lucy, with the help of her guardian angel, create miracles that change his heart and inspire a second chance in his life.

The film features mostly local talent, including Shawn Stevens as Grandpa Jackson, Adam Hightower as James Shimmers, and Florencia Stevens as Isabelle Shimmers. In addition, the film stars well-known actor Vincent Vargas (THE MAYANS) and newcomer Scarlett Diamond in the title-role of Lucy.

 Scarlett Diamond just so happens to be the granddaughter of filmmaker Rob Diamond.
“Granted I’m biased, but Scarlett was absolutely incredible. She is only five-years-old and this was her first major speaking role and she proved she’s a natural!” proclaimed Diamond.

In addition to writing, directing and producing, Diamond also operates an acting studio and many of the actors in the film are current and former Diamond students. The film was shot entirely on location in Salt Lake City and Heber, Utah early in 2020. “Our last day of filming was literally the day before Utah shut down in March because of the pandemic,” said Diamond.

For more information on LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE, visit its IMDB page at:

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3 Responses to “Lucy Shimmers & The Prince of Peace Blog Tour and Giveaway”

  1. holly Prescott

    So, Where do I begin. I was scrolling through looking for a movie to watch. Just a cute movie to make me smile to get my day moving. I scrolled past this movie and the picture on the front caught my eye. so i looked at the story. I knew I had to watch it. what really caught my eye was the convict as my husband is in prison right now. but this is where you really got me hooked. So i pressed play, i got comfy with my coffee at my desk with my puppy by my side. within literally 25 seconds I was balling. I was crying, I didnt stop crying the whole movie. it touched me. I have seriously told everybody I know to watch this movie. it has to me the most inspriational, and the BEST ABSOLUTE BEST MORE GOODER MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I am 37 years old and your movie hit a home run in my book. Thank you.

  2. Nina Crutchley

    What a lovely film, thought provoking and entertaining. Congrats to all involved, you made a British woman happy.

  3. Wayne Airmet

    Thank you for acting upon the inspiration you were given, and sharing the blessing with so many others.

    A wonderful Christmas story …


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