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The last couple of days we’ve had the opportunity to stream the Living Scriptures in our home with their new live service. Much more than cartoons, it’s been a game changer. There are many titles to choose from and inspirational movies we can streamwithout worrying about the content. We are using it in our school day and as a part of Come, Follow Me gospel study. Highly recommend for every family. We are going to dig in this week and let you know what we loved on Faceboook and Twitter.

Streaming Service Details:
Good clean fun! With hundreds of movies and audio stories especially for Latter-day Saint families, you’ll never run out of good things to watch. Enjoy anytime on your favorite devices. Available for browsers, tablets, smart phones, Roku, Chromecast, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV.

What’s on Living Scriptures?
Enjoy animated scriptures stories, Latter-day Saint produced comedies and dramas, church inspirational films, values-based children’s shows and much more. There are thousands of titles to choose from with new titles added every week!

Hundreds of High Quality Videos & Audio Stories
Experience the scriptures and church history like never before! Young and old will better understand the stories from the Book of Mormon, Bible and Church History. Access our growing collection of Latter-day Saint produced and family friendly movies and shows, with new titles added weekly. Browse our extensive library – your streaming membership gives you instant access to all titles!

What we’ve watched so far:

The Fighting Preacher

This movie has an incredible message about kindess and love in the midst of heavy persecution. Willard Bean was called on a 24 year mission to Palmyra, New York with his wife during a time when members of the Chrurch of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints were hated. Neighbors ostracized them for their religious beliefs without getting to know them or giving them a chance. Their life is one of perserverence and service. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it and recommend this movie to everyone. Family friendly. Thanks to Living Scriptures Streaming, we were able to experience one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long while. …Five ⭐️ stars.

Spirit of the Game

1000 to to 1: The Cory Weissman Story

Hidden in the Heartland (ad)

Other benefits:

Create a spiritual atmosphere

Affordable with great resources

Synergize your family scripture study

Entertain & educate

Wholesome heroes

Kids know all the answers in primary

High replay value

Stories that an be applied to life

Perfect alternative to TV on Sunday

Quick and easy family home evenings

Tour church & scripture sites from home

You Can Try Living Scriptures Streaming for one month free

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