LDS Film Festival 2020

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Come attend this years’ LDS Film Festival February 24-29th at the Scera Center for the Arts. View the schedule and learn more at

From their website: “The LDS Film Festival was founded in 2001 by Austrian filmmaker Christian Vuissa, who envisioned a place for LDS filmmakers to network with each other and showcase their work to an appreciative audience. The festival is independently organized and not  affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since 2006, the festival has found a perfect venue at the Scera Center for the Arts in Orem, Utah.

The LDS Film Festival strives to annually present a diverse spectrum of films that represent the status quo of current LDS filmmaking. At the same time, the LDS Film Festival seeks to discuss what LDS filmmaking should be or could be. The festival’s LDS Film Forum presents papers by LDS scholars and academics that deal with different theoretical aspects of Mormon filmmaking. Discourses, discussions and exposure to different ideas and thoughts are all encouraged.

The LDS Film Festival has grown tremendously over the last few years. What began as a short film festival, is now a major event that showcases an impressive array of feature films, special screenings and short films. Over the last ten years, attendance has been steady, averaging 4000-7000 visitors each year. Since its inception, the LDS Film Festival has premiered dozens of theatrical releases and screened hundreds of films. Regional, national, and international media have all reported from and about the festival, including The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and Premiere Magazine.

The LDS Film Festival also offers a unique atmosphere with dozens of filmmakers attending the festival and mingling with each other and the audience. Experienced filmmakers share their knowledge with younger filmmakers in informative presentations, and almost every screening at the festival is followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers. Additionally, the festival draws industry professionals, distributors, and broadcast media looking for content.”

God’s Army

1h 48min



A serious, entertaining, profoundly moving religious movie. Rookie missionary Brandon Allen (Matthew Brown) confronts the challenges of missionary life in Los Angeles, soon realizing that his most important convert may be himself.

Yesterday we sat and watched the movie God’s Army to celebrate the LDS Film Festival’s opening night. It’s been years since I’ve seen it. The film addresses anti-Mormon literature, blacks and the priesthood, doubts about serving, older missionaries, and serious health issues while on a mission. There are several “real-life” moments with lots of humor sprinkled in. Overall, it has a more dramatic tone. My oldest though it highlighted too much of the bad behavior of missionaries. I enjoyed the scenes which built faith and showed miracles as well as the message of wearing out one’s life in the service of God. I loved the message of “find out for yourself” through prayer.

Content: seizure, toilet scenes, minor violence, punching, questioning of faith, prostitutes. Recommend for older teens or adults.

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