North for Christmas Blog Tour and Breview

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North for Christmas blog tour GREEN
Have you ever known exactly what you wanted for Christmas? As a child, you may have written a letter to Santa, made a wish upon a star, or locked your dream away in your heart afraid that it might not come true if you so much as whispered it out loud. Even as adults, Christmas wishes carry a magic that can’t be explained.
ICovern North for Christmas, Ruby Jeavon certainly has her heart set on an engagement. It’s the first step in creating the family she’s always wanted. But things go slightly off course and instead of flying to Italy with her boyfriend, Ruby heads out of town to work as an elf in Nashville. Even though she’s far away from her dream, she’s about to discover the magic of a Nashville Christmas through the eyes of North Foxwell, her fellow elf and a Christmas expert. Even though North struggles with his own Christmas ghosts, Ruby manages to bring new light to his life. Can Ruby let go of her dream to find what her heart truly desires? Only time–at the North Pole–will tell.

After Ruby’s wealthy mother donates their extra funds to yet another charity, Ruby’s forced to work as a mall elf to earn enough to go to Italy with her boyfriend. But everything changes when Ruby meets North, a lawyer-turned-elf, who seems to know exactly what Ruby really wants this Christmas. This sweet contemporary holiday romance novel is perfect for the book lovers on your Christmas list.

“I had Sheri gather the information on a flight to Italy, the hotel, and ski passes. I’m sorry, dear. It costs too much. I have other obligations this time of year.”
Ruby’s heart sank.
So much for getting engaged at the bottom of the Alps.

Ruby knows her CEO mother really could afford to send her to Europe for Christmas. But instead Ruby’s stuck in Tennessee working as a Christmas elf so she can pay for the trip herself. Wrangling whiny kids at the mall certainly isn’t the holiday she had in mind. But things start to get interesting when Ruby meets North–a lawyer-turned-elf, who might be able to grant Ruby’s real Christmas wish.

This charming holiday romance is perfect for the book lovers on your list! Sweet and full of surprises, it’ll bring a little Christmas cheer to your bookshelves all year long!


What a cute book! Absolutely full of Holiday Cheer. I loved the progress that both Ruby and North make along the way. They both have flaws and weaknesses that need some work and both are thrust into the perfect situation to improve. Santa is not perfect, he’s goofed up as well, and there is an underlying message of forgiveness, healing. I usually don;t re-read Christmas books, but this is one I may re-visit. Dymock presents the perfect unfolding of romance without the cheesiness, and it is clean. Add this to your wish list this holiday!

You can pick up your copy of North for Christmas at your local book store, iTunes, Barns and Noble, or from Amazon.

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A graduate from the University of Utah, Christina Dymock has had careers as an editor, adjunct instructor at Salt Lake Community College, and an author. She is the author of The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook; One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup; Young Chefs; and several other cookbooks. She has also written for the Deseret News and been interviewed for Parents’ Magazine and other national publications. Christina’s fiction and short stories have been published in Woman’s World Magazine and seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

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