Books and ARCs Up For Grabs

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It’s Spring Cleaning time and I have over 100 books up for grabs! While I LOVE reading sometimes I receive multiple copies of the same book or know I won’t read one in the near future.

 I want to share with all of you awesome bloggers and blog readers first!

All of my books are shelved on Goodreads, so to make it easy…simply comment below the book on Goodreads to secure your pick.

Once you’ve sent $4 via paypal to heatoddgardner(at)yahoo(dot)com which covers shipping costs sent media mail, I will delete the book title and let you know (via the email address you leave) that it’s yours!

If you are interested in multiple titles; I will ship each additional for $2.

I am only shipping to the United States at this time.

Locals who live in my state… feel free to come by and grab an ARC.

Anything left over, I will donate to our local library.

Here’s the two lists with fun books to choose from… go forth and claim!


Hardbacks and paperbacks

17 Responses to “Books and ARCs Up For Grabs”

  1. Randi M

    Comment here?

    If yes, I’d love My Sister Lives On the Mantelpiece, What Happens Next, Bitter Melon, In Darkness, and Wintergirls, if you still have them. Let me know if you have any of those left & I’ll paypal you. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Krystel

    I wasn’t sure where to comment, so hopefully here is okay. Do you still have these? Breathe,Revolution 19,Girl of Fire and Thorns,Monument 14?

  3. crystal

    I would love truth, pure,and id know you anywhere if they are still available. im not sure how paypal works but if you can explain to me how to do it id gladly pay you asap!

  4. crystal

    alright well im waiting for my account to be confirmed and then the money will be on its way 🙂

  5. Tressa S

    I would LOVE:
    Pushing the Limits
    Ashen Winter
    Trial By Fire
    The Legacy of the Clockwork Key
    Monstrous Beauty
    Let me know and thank you! I don’t get any physical ARC’s yet being such a new blogger.

    Tressa @ Tressa’s Wishful Endings
    wishfulendings at outlook dot com

  6. crystal

    i used my boyfriends account to send the money..let me know when you receive it so i can be sure you have it 🙂


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