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Reality Check

by Karen Tuft
paperback, 286 pages
published June 2012
by Covenant
ISBN: 9781608613977
Book Source: Blog Tour

4 1/2 stars
Book summary from Goodreads: After college graduation, Lucy Kendrick heads home with big plans for work, travel, and relishing her freedom—which means no romantic entanglements. But her two best friends have other ideas. Lucy is seriously steamed when she realizes they’ve signed her up to be a contestant on the reality dating show Soulmates, but she decides not to renege and soon finds herself in Los Angeles—a small-town Mormon girl vying for the love of millionaire bachelor Ethan Glass. At first this cute, smart, fun young woman, who would rather pray than party, bewilders Ethan. But his interest and admiration grow with every encounter. However, the conniving associate producer is determined to stir up some made-for-TV drama and takes strides to make this reality television show anything but real. When the show finally airs, Lucy has been recast as someone she unquestionably is not. Lucy is left humiliated in front of the world, and Ethan is left wondering who the Lucy is that he was falling in love with. Will the duplicities that have created this humiliation ever come to light? And will the truth emerge too late for the would-be soulmates?
Cathy’s review: Lucy has finally graduated! Now she wants to get a job and get on with her life, travel to some exotic places and maybe even go to Disneyland. Filling out online job applications becomes tedious rather quickly and Lucy decides that maybe her two best friends, Grace and Ally can help her out with that. She asks them to apply to local news stations. They have other ideas though! One of the magazines that they read has an article about the hot millionaire Ethan Glass, who just happens to be looking for love on a new reality show, Soulmates. Grace and Ally think that that would be a perfect fit for Lucy, traveling to exotic places and it’s in the TV business, just like she wanted. So they fill out the forms to sign her up for the show. When Lucy gets the official envelope from the show she is very surprised and knows right away that Grace and Ally have had a hand in it. Her parents are concerned and their advice is that she needs to pray about it. Lucy prays and has an undeniable feeling that she needs to do it, but getting ready for a reality show in less than a week is hard enough for most people, add in the fact that she’s LDS and all of the formal gowns and swimsuits that are required become a little harder to come by. Soon Lucy is in California, promising herself that she’ll go visit Disneyland the next day, as soon as Ethan sends her home, but things don’t work out quite how she plans. Lucy and Ethan hit it off almost instantly, and Ethan knows there’s just something about Lucy, but can a small town LDS girl and a millionaire from Montana make things work out?

I enjoyed this story. I thought that the whole reality show vibe felt real, with backstabbing contestants, producers and constant gag orders. I liked the plot and I liked that things didn’t instantly work out for either Lucy or Ethan, they had to work for their happily ever after. I thought that Lucy and Ethan felt real, I was pretty mad at her two best friends for the mean trick they played on her. This was a cute romance and worth the time it takes to read it!

Content: Clean

About the author: Karen Tuft was born with a healthy dose of curiosity about pretty much everything, so as a child she taught herself to read and play the piano. She studied composition at BYU then graduated from the University of Utah in music theory as a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Kappa Lambda honor societies. In addition to being an author, Karen is a wife, mother, pianist, composer, and arranger. She has spent countless hours backstage and in orchestra pits for theater productions along the Wasatch Front. She also has a 75 percent success rate when it comes to matchmaking and is a big believer in happy endings. Among her varied interests, she likes to figure out what makes people tick, wander through museums, and travel—whether by car, plane, or paperback.
The Giveaway: Karen is generously donating a paperback copy of Reality Check plus a starfish charm bracelet to one lucky reader. All you have to do to gain entries is to leave a comment on any of the tour stops. Each comment will gain you an entry. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win!

She is also giving away an ARC copy of The Selection by Kiera Cass. Make sure you leave your email address and which book you are entering for in your comments (i.e. Reality Check, The Selection, or Both).
Click here for a full list of the tour stops and be sure to check out the contest going on Karen’s blog this summer.

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  1. Natasha

    I would love to be entered for both. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  2. Tressa

    This sounds like such a fun read! I’d love to win either, although especially Reality Check. 😉
    tressa dot sherman at hotmail dot com

  3. Heidi

    Thanks for the chance to win and such a fun blog tour! I’d love to win Reality Check.


  4. Jennifer (TuRtLe) Lawrence

    I am a book addict. I think I need to have a Reality Check on my life, and winning the heart of a handsome wealthy guy, you can throw that in with it, I wouldn’t mind one bit. I’m serious, where is my handsome,wealth guy….okay, I think I will just like the chance to win this book, and we can call it even. But seriously, if you do have a nice, handsome, wealthy fella stuffed somewhere..could you throw him in with the giveaway? [=
    Thanks for the opportunity of letting us intrude upon the world you have created, and may you make many more worlds for us to escape in.
    TuRtLe (Jennifer) (this is where you can send the rich fella along with the book if you choose to)
    Sentabale, TuRtLe


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