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Congratulations to Amy Kwan who won our Until I Die giveaway as part of the Amy Plum/ Mundie Moms blog tour for a set of author signed bookmarks plus an additional Eiffel Tower bookmark. Thanks to all who entered!

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  1. Eesti

    The romance in this series is one of my favorites! I felt the Paris setting, and the Revenant history only intensified it a bit more in this book. What I loved about the romance between Kate and Vincent in Die For Me was amped up considerably in Until I Die. Their passion, their commitment and devotion for one another is so sigh worthy. I felt like their emotions leapt off the pages. I understand their concerns, their uncertainty and their desperation. There’s a lot at stake and their sacrifices for one another are commendable. I love the old school feel to their romance. It’s honorable, and it’s one that’s simply a breath of fresh air for me.

    It’s not just the romance, but the love between family members and friends that makes this book for me. Aside from Vincent and Kate’s love, I love the brotherly love that Vincent and Jules, and some of the other Revenants have for one another. That love that they’d lay down their lives for each other without hesitation. Where there’s love, there’s heart ache and Amy does not shy away from throwing in some gut wrenching scenes, shocking betrayals and the unthinkable for her characters. Some scenes were a killer to read, as Amy does such a superb job at bringing both the characters and my emotions to the surface. I love it when an author can connect me to their story that way.


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