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Borrowing Abby Grace #2
by Kelly Green
ebook 271KB file size
Published October 21, 2011
by Backlit Fiction
Book Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.75

As Abby has learned, she is now a Shadow, sent to inhabit the lives of strangers in trouble. Dropped into the life of a gorgeous senior with a heartbroken best friend, Abby is instructed to “reunite the lovers” by her cute but maddening Guardian, a 19th century ghostly teenager named Will. Now Abby must navigate high school keg parties, football games and power couples, only to discover that love and revenge are sometimes the same thing.

This second installment in the Abby Grace series was as entertaining and intriguing as the first (find my review here). Abby is a Shadow and as such becomes someone else in order to help them solve  life problem. Her instructions to “reunite the lovers” seem obvious, but over time she discovers that her first thoughts might have been wrong. I enjoyed getting to know Will (Abby’s Guardian who helps her navigate her missions) a little more in this installment. We see a friendship start to develop between Abby and Will as Abby tries to navigate the High School party scene. The content was a little darker and edgier this time around, which at times made me a little uncomfortable, but all in all I enjoyed following Abby Grace in her attempts to fix the lives of others (and possibly her own).

This ebook is a quick read, but doesn’t feel too short. You can easily read it in an afternoon, so it is the perfect weekend read.

Content: some language, high school students discussing sexual activity and drinking in a party scene, homosexuality.

Learn more on the author’s siteGoodreads and buy the Kindle edition for only 99 cents now on Amazon.

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