Photography Friday- Author Photos for Angela Corbett

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Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Angela Corbett ,
author of Eternal Starling, a YA paranormal romance, coming 12-6 from Pendrell Publishing. We made for the mountains to take her author photos and connected with our inner children via the streams. Angela is beautiful and awesome, not to mention the fact that she saved me and my camera from falling into a waterfall during the shoot! I can not wait to read her series. Special thanks to Indelible author Lani Woodland for hooking us up. Lani took the cover photo for Eternal Starling which was revealed last Sunday on Cublicle Blindness. Isn’t it lovely?

Eternal Starling
Emblem of Eternity Book 1
Pendrell Publishing
Release Date: December 6, 2011

Evie Starling doesn’t know it yet, but for the past
two hundred and fifty years her soul has been
tracked through time by Alex Night and Emil Stone.
Both men claim to love her, but one might want
her dead.
Click Eternal Starling to read a summary of the first book
and escape to a world of soul mates, suspense, and

Read about the book launch party here!

You can now pre-order Eternal Starling at!

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To view all of the photos of Angela, visit my SmugMug gallery, facebook page or the official website for Heather Gardner Photography. And if you are an author in need of a new photo, a book cover, swag, custom photos for a book trailer or a blog tour, contact me for more information!

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    Wow these photos look superb, I have seen few images of Angela before in magazines, but these once look perfect. I guess these Images edited with the help of Loghtroom software.
    Really pleasing to the eyes though, Thanks for sharing…..


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