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by Cindy M Hogan
Paperback, 348 pages
Published April 28th 2011
by Createspace
ISBN 1453899154

Source: author
4 stars

It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change fifteen-year-old Christy’s life. It takes murder.
A witness to the brutal slaying of a Senator’s aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot boys.

She discovers that if she can’t help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.

Watched is one part suspense, one part action and lots of building first time romance. Main protagonist Christy has never really considered herself a part of the “in ” crowd at school. Back home she’s young for her grade, overly intellectual and socially awkward. But on a summer trip to Washington DC as part of a scholarship for future politicians her life makes an unexpected U-turn. Witnesses to a violent crime she and her group are forced to stick together when they find they are being followed and their lives are in danger. There is a feeling of danger lurking at every corner for Christy. She’s also bombarded with the new and conflicting emotions of being noticed by two guys at the same time…Alex, the cute popular rich boy she’s been eyeing since day one, and Rick who is everything she could ever hope for with both manners and honesty. Sometimes it’s hard to choose, and Christy needs to decide what she stands for.

It felt like there was a lot of self-doubt wrapped up in Christy’s mind. In the wake of all that’s going on, she doesn’t always make the smartest moves. I would have liked the author to explore resolving conflict and taking personal responsibility instead of running away. The only other glitch I struggled with was that the book ending was abrupt-completely open ended, mid scene. I am very curious to see how book two takes shape and I will be picking it up! My recommendation would be a little more editing to smooth out the rough edges. Overall, I enjoyed Watched enough that I stayed up all night to finish it and I’m very glad Cindy asked Fire and Ice to be a part of her blog tour. She’s done a great job getting her book out there.

Content: Recommended for older teen readers due to very graphic and traumatic violence, decisions which involve teen drinking, making out and one reference to the “b” word.

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The Giveaway: Author Cindy M Hogan has generously offered the readers of Fire and Ice two signed copies of her book, Watched. To enter to win one fill out this form. Giveaway will go through August 21, 2011.

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