Book Review- Ammon by HB Moore

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by Heather B. Moore
Paperback, 292 pages
Published June 1, 2011
by Covenant Communications
ISBN 1608612384
Book Source: author
5 stars

With the fire of newfound testimony, Ammon and his brethren leave Zarahemla to preach the gospel in Lamanite lands, carrying nothing but hunting weapons and the promises of God. Spotted by an enemy scout, they part ways in the dense jungle with hopes of reuniting at the close of their harvest. Ammon follows the Spirit to the borders of Ishmael, where he’s ambushed just seconds after spotting Elena, a fair-skinned woman who captures his interest.

As Ammon gains renown in the kingdom, he defends Elena from the advances of Gad, the loathsome widower she’ll soon be required to marry. Then swearing allegiance to the Lamanite king and trusting in the Lord, Ammon further proves his strength and devotion by sparing King Lamoni’s flocks from plunderers. The amazed king and his court are converted to the gospel through Ammon’s powerful teachings and the miraculous events that follow. But each action Ammon takes causes more and more disruption throughout the kingdom. And when Elena is abducted by her own brother and hidden away in an unspeakable place, Ammon faces his greatest struggle yet: not just the outward challenge of lethal combat but also the inward challenge of loving one’s enemy.

The first thing you should know about this book is that it has a smart, well-read author behind it. I’ve met Heather B. Moore at a couple of signings and have always been impressed with her patience as she interacts with my young children as well as her calm presence. Before Ammon I had never read any of her books, but now you can bet I’ll be reading all of them!
Heather took the man who smote off the arms of rebels attacking the King’s sheep and made him come alive for me. With rich details from the ancient American Mayan culture as well as inspiring every day heroes I absolutely loved Ammon. It’s the story of the sons Mosiah- a Nephite king, who renounce their life of wealth and royalty to go into neighboring enemy territory. More particularly the book focuses on Ammon, as he travels into the land Ishmael to ask to be a servant to the Lamanite King Lamoni. Upon arrival Ammon meets a girl of fair skin and Nephite lineage, Elana, her father and brother Zaman. Elana’s family are employed making and designing clothing for King Lamoni as well as the richer members of society. They have left the land of the birth and renounced their belief in the religion of their inheritance. Ammon and Elana’s paths cross by chance and soon Ammon’s life will prove to be threatened by several of those closest to Elana. Will he be able to survive the attacks? And will his and Elana pleas be answered in time to save that which is most precious to Elana?

Readers experience the unraveling of adventure, courage and love from both Elana and Ammon’s points of view. Ammon is historically based fiction but has plenty of action to keep male readers interested. The main thing that I carried away from the book was the humility and sincerity of the man Ammon as he faces so many obstacles. His unshakable belief in the mercy and deliverance of God ae inspiring. I came away strengthened and more hopeful than I was when I began reading. Heather B. Moore has a new fan! I can’t wait to read all the other books in her series.
Content: I would recommend Ammon to readers 16 and older because of the violence as well as the references to fertility rites.

To learn more about the book, visit Heather’s website at Order Ammon online from Deseret Book online here.

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