Contest Winners and Books For JAPAN

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Congratulations to Ashelynn Sanford who won an ARC of Family as well as Lindsey Bousefield, Christine Helewell Jensen, Mariska Hadienns, Krysta Banco and Katerina Arhodouli who all won copies of Puppy Place: Muttley on our facebook page

Book_eel25 won a pack of Secrets and Shadows swag courtesy of author Shannon Delany on twitter. Please email us your mailing addresses. We will send out your prizes!


Last year we were able to donate over $2000 in humanitarian to earthquake victims in Chile and this year I want to follow suit with all that has happened in Japan. We will be posting books for Japan auctions here at Fire and Ice for you to bid on with 100% of the proceeds going to Japan. Also, $5 from each item I sell in my two etsy shops will go to Japan Red Cross and $10 from each BEA or New York photo shoot booked I will donate as well. Be generous for them. Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous

    Congrats winners!

    Suggestion Box: I really like all of your contests, especially the ones for book based jewelry, so cool, but would you consider using google forms? You have a lot of extra entries and using a form would make it easier to enter, as well as to tally. Thanks, you’re blog is great. 🙂


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