5 Responses to “Photography Friday: Breathless Reads”

  1. Laura

    Love the pics! This was so much fun to go to. I took my sister-in-law who had never gone to this type of book signing and she fell in love. She HAD to buy Nightshade and loved it, now she is reading Across the Universe.

  2. FireandIce

    You are so very welcome! Have to say you made my day when you commented that you love our site and knew who we were. Can’t wait to read all the rest of your releases!

  3. Britani

    I am sooo glad you posted these. I am from Idaho and planned to go to the event but at the last minute things got in the way and I wasn’t able to make it. I knew you would be there. I’m gonna have to say I was haunting your site hoping you would post about it and you sure did! Thank you so much for helping me get a glimpse of it!


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