Book Review- Deadly Little Games

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Deadly Little Games
by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Hardcover, 304 pages
Published December 28th 2010

by Hyperion Book
ISBN 1423131606
series Touch #3
4.5 stars

Camelia and Ben have discovered a powerful bond: They both possess the power of psychometry, the ability to sense things through touch. For Ben, the gift is a frightening liability. When he senses a strong threat or betrayal, he risks losing control and hurting people. Camelia’s gift is more mysterious. When she works with clay, her hands sculpt messages her mind doesn’t yet comprehend.

Before either teen has a chance to fully grasp these abilities, an unresolved family tragedy resurfaces in Camelia’s life, irrevocably changing everything she cares about…

I will admit that Laurie Faria Stolarz has me wrapped around her finger with the Touch series. The covers are a little piece of heaven with raised designs and otherworldly photography. They are among my very favorites in YA. Laurie’s writing has the suspense the tension and the characters I can’t get enough of. Deadly Little Games follows many of the same plot patterns as the first two in the series but I was never bored. There’s just the right touch of creepy and mystery for me.

In this third installment Camelia has discovered her psychometry and the ability to sculpt events of the future into clay. Things are rocky between her and Ben due to the appearance of his old rival Adam. I grew to really love Ben (again). He has depth and layers that I have a feeling are about to unfold even further in book #4.

I got carried away into Camelia’s life with a health nut yoga teaching mom, her quirky sidekick best friends Wes and Kimmie and a truly caring father. Stolarz knows how to fully flesh out each person she introduces. There’s also more back story of her maternal aunt and the haunting gift she and Cameilia share. The elements that tie off the package for me are all of the pottery scenes and the gripping suspense. I will be reading book #4, as far as I’m concerned Laurie can just keep writing in the Touch sequence and I’ll never grow weary of Camelia and Ben.

Here’s your chance to start reading the Touch series and discover for yourself why I adore them. Comment below for your entry to win book one, Deadly Little Secret. Giveaway ends February 28, 2011 and is open internationally.

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  1. Mrs. DeRaps

    I just bought these books, so no need to enter me. I am glad to read that I made a good purchase! Thanks for sharing your love for this series!

  2. Orchid

    I’ve been wanting to read this series since I first heard about it, so I’mm really happy to hear that it’s a good series. Thanks for the great review and giveaway. ^_^

  3. Mithee (The Deranged Book Lovers)

    Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted to read this book. 😀

    somithee at gmail dot com

  4. Claudia S.

    I’m so excited for this! I want to read them so bad 🙂 thanks for the chance!


  5. Truth Be Told Blog

    I have been wondering about this series. It sounds like you enjoy them, and typically I like the books you rate highly. Hope I win. 🙂

    Val @ Truth Be Told

    truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

  6. Natasha Areena

    Thank you for the giveaway. The covers are so nice to look at! I cannot wait to read it. I would love to enter for a chance to win Deadly Little Secret 🙂

    thebookish96 at gmail dot com

  7. onutzyk_93

    It sounds great , I really hope to win , because we don’t have the books in my country (yet)!

  8. Stephanie

    I’ve been meaning to pick these up, thanks for the contest!

    moonglo at gmail dot com

  9. Lasha

    I have been wanting to read this series for a while because i loved her blue is for nightmares series, it was pure awesome!! Thank you for this giveaway!!!

    arudd908 at gmail dot com


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