M2B :) By Micheal McLean

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Mission To Be Happy
By Michael McLean
Hardcover, 96 pages
Published February 24th 2010
by Deseret Book Company
ISBN 1606412035
3.5 stars

Summary: Michael uses twelve new songs as a framework for his quest for happiness. “And I’m not talking about any phony baloney, fake- grinning, pretend sort of happy,” he writes. “I’m not talking about a once- in- awhile or a just- won- a- car- on- The- Price- Is- Right kind of happy. I’m talking about the real deal.” Inviting readers to join him on his mission, Michael includes a CD with all the songs in the back of the book.

I grew up on Michael McLean’s songs and he was one of my favorite artists of my youth. So, I was curious when I saw his new release book and CD on the shelves at Deseret Book. He has bravely admitted a struggle with chemical depression and comes out to tackle anxiety/ the blues in a light hearted upbeat way. I am thrilled that someone as prominent as he would share his thoughts in this format. The book includes a full length CD of original songs as well as a journal in the back to record unexpected joys. On a personal level the new songs weren’t my favorite of his, but the song “Sick and Tired” is a wonderful expression of what those suffering may feel. His prose is uplifting and encouraging, thoughts personal and down to earth. This easy to read book is a pick me up. And, we give a huge thumbs up for Michael’s honesty.

We are giving away a hardback copy with CD to our readers. Simply comment below to enter. Giveaway is International and ends January 31, 2011.

12 Responses to “M2B :) By Micheal McLean”

  1. MarionG

    Everyone seeks happiness in one form or another. I would love to read what Michael has to say on this. The CD is a bonus for sure.

  2. PringlesPalo

    it’s such a great inspiration to read some advice on having a mission to be happy – amidst all challenges that came in the way from the past. i’d love to learn from michael mclean and listen to his cd. pls count me in your tally. thank you very much. i follow you through gfc.

  3. Deborah A.

    He recently did an adoption fireside in my area. (My son is adopted.) It was so moving, and I think he has touched so many lives.


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