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by Rachel Ann Nunes
Paperback, 337 pages
Published April 7th 2010
by Shadow Mountain
ISBN 1606412434

Sometimes what you can’t see means everything

A young woman is missing. In desperation, her parents turn to Autumn Rain for help. Autumn reads imprints—emotions left mysteriously behind on certain treasured objects. But is this ability a blessing or a curse?

Sometimes Autumn isn’t sure—her life has become far from normal—but for people who have missing loved ones, her talent might mean the difference between life and death. Even the infuriating Detective Martin has asked for Autumn’s help, though at times she feels more like a suspect than a consultant. Too often Autumn finds herself retreating to her antiques shop and the company of her best friend, Jake Ryan, to avoid notice.

But soon more than one woman is mission, and Autumn teams up with private eye Keefe McConnell to investigate their disappearance. Keefe’s attraction to her is a pleasant change from Jake’s frustrating offers of friendship, but once Autumn takes that first step, she sets in motion a series of events that risk not only her own life but the lives of those she cares about most.

Learn more about author Rachel Ann Nunes on her site at

To enter to win~ Imprints ~courtesy of Shadow Mountain, simply leave a comment below.additional optional entries

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  1. Jaz

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    My Twitter username- @Jazzie764

    2 entries

    Thanks for the contest!

    wildpeetree7 at hotmail dot com

  2. Michele

    Rick and I both loved this book!
    Imprints is on my Read list
    +1 Goodreads
    +1 DeseretBook Co
    +1 RachelAnn Nunes

    What about +1 for following her already on Goodreads AND currently reading another of her books?
    Total = 4
    I believe you know my email and where to find me. 😉

  3. Bookwoman

    3 entries

    I’m definitely adding this book to my to read list. I’ve already added it to My Goodreads .(Beverly Archer)

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    Thanks for hosting this.

    Beverly aka Bookwoman
    bevarcher AT me DOT com

  4. Kristina

    Please enter me:
    added Imprint to TBR
    follow RachelAnnNunes


  5. Ricki

    Cool contest!
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    Total – 2

  6. Guinevere

    4 entries for me – followed @DesertBookCo and @RachelAnnNunes (I’m @guinevererobin) and added to my goodreads shelf.

    This book looks fantastic! guinevere dot rowell at gmail

  7. ako4eggs

    I absolutley love that cover! Thanks for the chance to win!

    +1 Added to goodreads

    total: 2 entries.
    ako4eggs at comcast dot net

  8. awsomedog2009

    I would love to have the chance to read and win this book!!

    +1 for Goodreads to read list.

    I don’t really Twitter, sorry

    jmluker at

  9. Jinky

    I’d like a shot at this. Thanks for the chance.

    +1 made a comment
    +1 following DB
    +1 following RAN
    TOTAL =3 ?


  10. Inspired Kathy

    Please enter me
    +1 on my to read list
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    4 total
    bkhabel at gmail dot com

  11. Jasmine1485

    I’d love to read this, I haven’t read much about psychic or clairvoyant gifts.

    I added Imprints to my Goodreads list (Kate Ryan) +1

    I’m following Deseret on Twitter (@NTFancy) +1

    I’m following Rachel on Twitter (@NTFancy) +1

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  12. xxsquigglesxx

    Please enter me!

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  13. lulilut

    Thanks for the giveaway, the book sounds good and I love the bluish color.

    +1 added Imprints to Goodreads list: luiloth

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    Total – comment plus 3 additional entries
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  14. Martha Lawson

    Sounds great! Thanks forthe giveaway.

    follow on gfc

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  15. Jaz.parks

    I’d love to win! PLease enter me!

    I follow @DeseretBookCo and @RachelAnnNunes on Twitter as @jazparkscom and added the book to my to-read list on goodreads

    dani dot prmr at hotmail dot com


  16. Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books)

    Oh, I haven’t heard about this book before, which is a shame because it sounds great!
    Thanks for the opportunity. I’d love to have the chance to get this! *g*

    +1 add Imprints to my Goodreads list
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    Twitter username: @yllektra

    Entries: +3


  17. Bwyatt

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    Sounds like a great book!

  18. Ashley (Ashley's Bookshelf)

    Ooh that cover looks really cool!

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    Total: 4
    ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com

  19. Christine Jensen

    I haven’t read one of her books in a long time! I would love to try this one:
    Main entry-1
    Added to Goodreads-1
    Following Deseret BOok -1
    Following Rachel-1

    Total:4 entries

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  20. Aik

    I’d love to read this book!

    +1 added Imprints to my Goodreads wishlist
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    +1 follow @RachelAnnNunes on Twitter @aikchien

    Total: 4

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  21. linaramz

    Oh this sounds really interesting. Love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway!

    +1 added to Goodreads to-read list (A’lina)

    Total = 2

    linaramz at yahoo dot com

  22. sablelexi

    I would love to enter.
    +1 added Imprints to my TBR pile on goodreads
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    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  23. CiNdY

    Cool giveaway!: +1
    Added Imprints to my “to-read” on Goodreads: +1
    (Cynthia Murphy)
    Follow RachelAnnNunes on Twitter @cmurphy720: +1
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    Total: 4
    Cynthia M

  24. ezra

    Sounds cool! Count me in!

    +1 added Imprints to my Goodreads wishlist(Ezraquijano)
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    btw, the username DeseretBookCo doesn’t exist in twitter. Can’t find it. help please. thanks. 🙂

    twitter username: ezurrra

  25. PinkStuff28

    Count me in !

    +1 add Imprints to your Goodreads list(Added it to my wishlist)
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    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com


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