Trailer Thursday- Paranormalcy

09 Sep, 2010 by in paranormalcy 2 comments

Paranormalcy just had a book birthday on August 31st then promptly hit the New York Time bestseller list at #7! Congrats Kiersten. We wanted to re-post the teaser trailer plus an author interview with author Kiersten White since it is one of out favorite books of 2010. Here’s our five star review

Be sure to check her blog for fun posts and book recommendations and if you are in Utah, come join us at her signing this Saturday at The Kings English bookstore. Can’t wait!

2 Responses to “Trailer Thursday- Paranormalcy”

  1. Lindsay

    Has anyone else noticed that the main characters in the paranormal books often work for some kind of investigative agency or a reporter? Every time I pick up a book of the paranormal type and it says that the character is a detective, I can’t help rolling my eyes. I’m not trying to dog this book because I’m sure it’s great. I would just like to see a character in this genre who is a teacher or maybe owns a pet store lol.

  2. Bere

    The trailer is fantastic. The interview is great too. I can’t wait to read this one. Sounds so great! Thank you for posting. =)


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