Paranormalcy Signing and Giveaway

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Happy Monday everybody! I have been reading up a storm and have a ton of reviews to write but first a post about the weekend. Saturday I went to the Paranormalcy book signing at the King’s English bookstore with Kiersten White. She is originally from Utah so it was fun to have her introduce some of her friends from her very own High school days, two of whom inspired a scene from Paranormalcy about being blond and needing to wear mascara. During the question and answer session we learned:
  • Paranormalcy was not the first book she pitched. She wrote another which got rejected over and over before going back to re-edit and submit Paranormalcy. If at first you don’t succeed writers try try again.
  • She loves reading contemporary YA and middle grade books
  • Supernaturally is the name of book #2 in the series. Due to be released around April of next year. It’s about Evie and life where she gets a lot of the things she’s always wanted but realizes life is still hard. We’ll learn a lot about Evie’s past and enter the faerie realms. A new character named Jack is introduced, Kiersten’s all -time character to write
  • Kiersten draws many of her paranormal creatures from traditional folklore. One of her favorites is the hag who sits on people’s chests and makes it so they can’t wake up or drags them into the water. She also loves the Pixies and kelpies of European mythology
  • You’ll never see a love triangle in her books. She did not intend Paranormalcy to be a love triangle. She also thinks as a storyteller it’s important to have a resolution and ending to each of her books.

Kiersten has a super fun and bubbly personality. It was so fun to meet her and she even tweeted all of us who came to thank us.

There were at least 20 Utah authors including Emily Wing Smith, Sheralynn Pratt, Bree Despain, Nichole Giles in attendance. And we spotted two other Utah book bloggers : Cranberryfries and Emsreadingroom. Thanks to The Kings English for having such well planned events!

Just for our blog followers (old and new) we are giving away an author signed hardback copy of Paranormalcy to U.S. readers. Please fill in the form here

Contest ends October 13, 2010.

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  1. Bere

    This sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to a book signing so I’m really looking forward to the day I do. I hope its soon hehe. The pictures are fabulous! And thank you so much for the contest. How exciting! =)

  2. FireandIce

    LOVED Paranoramcly and Kiersten White! She is so fun and bubbly. And I’m always impressed when an author recognizes our blog and takes the time to thank us personally. WIN.


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