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30 Aug, 2010 by in utah authors 4 comments

This month I attended two really fun book events, The BYU bookstore signings for Education Week and the Book For Every Child Writing for Charity event hosted by Shannon Hale. Here are some of the photos I took. See our twitgoo feed @fireicephotos for all of them. And be sure to check out Brodi Ashton’s and CranberryFries blogs for more coverage of the Writing For Charity event!

James Dashner author of The Maze Runner and 13th Reality with our button.

Sara Zarr, author of Once Was Lost, Sweethearts and Story Of A Girl

Shannon Hale with all of our signed books

Jessica Day George author of Dragon Slippers and Princess of Glass

Bree Despain with Staff from the Charity Extravaganza

Ally Condie’s gift basket and ARC of Matched

Manager or The Kings English bookstore with our pin on her shirt

Me With Bree Despain Author of The Dark Divine series and Cranberryfries Blogger

Emily Wing Smith author of “The Way He Lived” and up and coming YA author Brodi Ashton

J Scott Savage author of the Far World Series

Us with Sheralyn Pratt, author of the Rhea Jensen Series

Ester Rasband author of Remembering Christmas

Ally Condie author of Matched

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  1. Mundie Moms

    How fun and great pictures! I need to make up to UT to attend these amazing events.

  2. Bere

    The pictures are fabulous! I’ve never been to a book event or book signing, but I’m so dying to hehe. =)


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