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Congrats to Twilights Dance who won The Eyes Have you Wolf Photo

A Shout out to @trumpy10 @ianH65 @JessRing84 and Bella Smyth on our FB fan page. You won “The Pocket Guide To Games” book give away!/pages/Forks-WA/Fire-and-Ice/125706990657?ref=ts&__a=7&ajaxpipe=1

Please email us your mailing address!
Also, any of you who are participating in our ARC tours. PLEASE check in today via email to let us know where our books are at and ship with delivery confirmation to the next reader. We have some un-reported books floating around out there. Thank you!

I am looking for someone to create a google spreadsheets for me for giveaways, and as well create the html for our NEW buttons. I will make it worth your while with some swag, so let me know if you are willing to do some computer work for us.

This week we had a request for some aide for 40 abandoned children in Calama, Chile.

My friend writes… “estoy colaborando en una aldea a niños abandonados desde nacidos hasta ya mas grandes de edad y queremos hacerle una actividad y regalos y lo q queria pedirle si ud tubiera ropita de bebe de niño y niña pañalesy ropa hasta 7 años y tambien juguetes y dulces , caramelos, galletas y lapices crayones etc son muchos niños pero con lo q uds. dentro de su ayuda puedan enviar yo quisiera hacerles un video o fotos pero por su condicion de abandono y menor de edad no se puede pero van a estar muy agradecidos yo no es mucho lo q puedo hacer sino acompañarles es voluntario si ud me podria ayudar son para 40 niños pero ud lo q puedan colaborar.”

We have toys, crayons, winter clothes, and other items collected and ready to be shipped. If any of you are willing to donate a dollar please send the donation to via PayPal or email me for a snail mail address. 100% of your donation goes directly to sending the boxes we have gathered and are ready to go! (each box costs at least $50 to send) If you are planning on purchasing anything out of our two Etsy stores now is the time, as we are donating 40% of the proceeds to Chile. Every dollar counts! Thanks so much to all of our readers…

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