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23 Jul, 2010 by in Uncategorized 8 comments

So yesterday when I logged onto our site there was a warning that our design would dissolve today. Blog background went poof! In my trials at change I”m not sure how to get it back. Hence, the new look. Still not sure I like it, but I was contemplating a different template and name. So our regular readers…we would love some input.

  1. Do you miss the old black and white damask background?
  2. How about the music list that autostarted? Yay or Nay?
  3. Should we change our blog button or do you like it the way it is?
  4. Should we do a complete blog overhaul or keep this one?
  5. Fire and Ice or Little Red Reads to match the name of our etsy shop?
  6. Any other comments?
  7. Have you had troubles in the past entering our giveaways via comments?
  8. Any other changes we should make to our site or the way we run things?

8 Responses to “Blog Makeover”

  1. Catie S (Book Bound)

    I promise a longer comment later.
    The Short answer is a new layout is easier than trying to get the old one back up & working. (Tried, gave up & got a new one.)

    I’ll answer all the questions later.

  2. Mary not so Contrary

    I love the new background and I totally think you should change to Little Read Reads. Thats a WICKED cute name!! But keep your button. I love the twilight inspired button! It fits you since your CD is Twilight inspired. 😀

  3. FireandIce

    I was afraid of that and I’m mourning my blog today. Change = not so fun for me! However, I figure if no one likes the new look I might as well do an overhaul anyway 🙂 Get some input try some new things…

  4. libbeh ♥

    I think the new name is cute, but I like “Fire and Ice” – it’s what I knew your blog as & forever will (sorry).

    I like the button – I still have the physical version of it that you sent w/ my Red Queen tag prize awhile back, so keep it the same 🙂

    I would prefer a black & white-ish theme – red is too bright and kinda distracting to me, but whatever floats your boat 🙂

  5. Euphoria13

    I love the name Fire and Ice

    I liked the old background better.

    I like your music playlist but not on autoplay.

    I like your button as well, but maybe you could change it.

    Also, maybe you can find another layout that suits the name Fire and Ice.


  6. FireandIce

    Cari from Cari’s book blog swoops in and saves the day! Thank you so very much! I’ll be trying new things over the next few days. Keep the input coming 🙂 Love it…and it has helped.


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