Marina Necklace Giveaway

01 Jun, 2010 by in mermaids, siren, tricia rayburn 37 comments

I am a huge fan of mermaids and myths of the sea, so this week is Siren week on the blog. Today’s giveaway comes from Irish Etsy seller PatriciaPio…”i make all my jewellery and crafts sitting in my home on the north coast of ireland, taking inspiration from the natural world around me and vintage fashions. i hope you like what you see!

Description: This little necklace features a tiny bottle filled with hand picked sea shells from the NI coast near my home.

To Enter To Win: Leave your name and email address below

additional entries

+1 become a fan of us (see our right sidebar) and her on facebook!/pages/Portstewart-United-Kingdom/Patricia-Pio/109419322435453
+1 heart her shop on etsy
+1 visit her blog and comment
+1 Follow us on twitter @fireicephotos and @PPcrafts

+1 tell us your favorite mermaid book

+1 for each retweet @fireicephotos
+5 post this giveaway on your blog, leave the link
I also have a Folksy account (mainly for the convenience of UK buyers) at

Contest ends July 1, 2010 and is open internationally

37 Responses to “Marina Necklace Giveaway”

  1. Michikit

    +1 become a facebook fan: Amina Black
    +1 visit her blog. I saw her blog and I adore the Juliet ring.
    +1 Follow on twitter: @aminablack

    +1 I never saw mermaid books translated here but I love the movie Aquamarine and the only story i know is The little mermaid, oh and I loved: “H2o just add water” the tvshow


  2. Eko0724

    Wow so pretty!
    Amy Willingham
    willingamy AT
    +1 become a fan of us and her on facebook (Yes! Amy W)
    +1 heart her shop on etsy (heart!)
    +1 visit her blog and comment (yes)
    +1 Follow us on twitter @fireicephotos and @PPcrafts (yes both)
    +1 tell us your favorite mermaid book (The Little Mermaid has always been a favorite since I was little)
    +1 for each retweet @fireicephotos (approximately 15 Rt’s in the last few week =15)
    Total 20

  3. Patrícia Xará


    Name: Patrícia Xará

    +1 I’m your fan on Facebook and now I’m fan of her Facebook too.
    +1 I hearted her Etsy shop. My username is pxara.
    +1 I commented her blog! 🙂
    +1 I follow the two twitters as pnxara.
    +1 I tweeted about this giveaway.
    +5 I blogged about this contest.

    +1 My favourite mermaid book is Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid.
    But I like the Maria Alberta Menéres’s Ulisses too, which gives us the other side of mermaids. In Portugal we read that book at school when we have 11 years old.

    Total entries: 12

    Thank you!

  4. Elena

    1 Elena R

    +1 become a fan of you and her on facebook (Elena Rudaya)
    +1 heart her shop on etsy (endlessummer)
    +1 visited her blog

    +1 My favorite mermaid book is ‘The Little Mermaid’

    5 total

  5. Lara

    Hi! This necklace is really cool!

    +1 My name is Lara and my email is svlara(at)gmail(dot)com

    Total: 1 entry

  6. Juliana Gomes

    Hello! This necklace is wonderful! ♥
    I’m from Brazil, follow your blog as Juliana Gomes and my email is ju_korn(@)hotmail(.)com.
    I hope to win it!

  7. Aik

    I’d love to enter! Thanks!

    +1 become a fan of Fire and Ice and her on Facebook [Aik Chien]

    +1 for visiting her shop and hearting it [bloomingblossom]

    +1 Follow you on twitter @fireicephotos and @PPcrafts @aikchien

    +1 My favorite mermaid book is Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs.

    +1 for each retweet @fireicephotos

    Total: 6

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  8. Claire

    That’s beautiful, I’d love a chance to win this necklace

    Following thru GFC and Fanned Patricia on Facebook

    Atoxim at gmail dot com


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