Book Review-Scones and Sensibility

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published December 22nd 2009
by EgmontUSA
details Hardcover, 256 pages
Grade 5–7
isbn 1606840258
4 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads…”Polly Madassa is convinced she was born for a more romantic time. A time when Elizabeth Bennet and Anne of Green Gables walked along the moors and beaches of the beautiful land, a time where a distinguished gentleman called upon a lady of quality and true love was born in the locked eyes of two young lovers.

But alas, she was not.

This, however, does not stop our young heroine from finding romance wherever she can conjure it up. So while Polly is burdened with a summer job of delivering baked goods from her parents bakery (how quaint!) to the people in her small beach town, she finds a way to force…um…encourage romance to blossom. She is determined to bring lovers, young and old, together…whether they want to be or not.”

I am a huge Jane Austen junkie who could spend hours watching the old Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy) so this book was right up my ally. The main matchmaker is 12 year old little sister and faithful friend, Polly. Let me tell you she is a piece of work. She will only speak in “Austen”esque vernacular befitting of a fine English young lady. Polly spends her summer delivering baked goods on bicycle to her parent’s bakery customers while keeping her eye out for perfect matches for three of her friends in desperate need of her help.

Needless to say her plans go incredibly awry, yet Polly simply will not give up her pre– mediated fairy tale ending. I found myself relating to Polly as the hopeless and dramatic romantic pre-teen who sees the world through rose colored glasses. Readers will laugh at all the quirky things Polly does and says as well as the messes she gets into. Scones and Sensibility is a super read for middle grades and moms alike! I gave it four stars and let me say this…don’t read it while hungry, there’s lots of talk of bakery goodies 🙂

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  1. Christine Jensen

    This book sounds fabulous! I too am a huge Jane Austen fan. What is the ARC tour you mentioned at the bottom of your post?

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com


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