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21 Apr, 2010 by in contest winners 2 comments

This week has been crazy, but a good kind of crazy and I am trying to tie up all of my loose ends. If you have sent me an email which has no response or are a giveaway winner let me know! There have been so many exciting things going on!

1) Made a guest post at Ticket to Anywhere about why I am Team Ash
Enter to win in her Iron King contest

Flipping Pages for all ages
2) We are giving away items from our Etsy shop at Wastepaper Prose and Flipping Pages for All Ages
Head on over and enter to win!

3) Congrats to Lubaska for winning the MonoAndes photo contest

and RainbowBrightness/Rena for winning The Cinderella Society necklace

4) Here are the giveaways which I still need addresses for:

Please email me your street address to and we will get your prize shipped off 🙂
Alice in Wonderland Ponytail Holders: Samy
Handmade Journal: Joonieshoney
Not Just Spirited Book Giveaway- Rose,
Little Red Riding Hood Tee-Book Addict Girl I need your T-shirt size 🙂

**And we have unclaimed prizes so I am giving them away to the first people to make donations to the Chile relief fund via PayPal at!

As of today we have been able to ship 35 boxes to Chile and we are still receiving daily emails about the conditions. Some have had their Red Cross aid stolen, others have no shoes and no food. One of my very favorite people there is homeless and out on the streets. Many people are living day to day in rains and winter.
Any contributions, a dollar at a time help! Our goal is to raise enough money to ship 10 more boxes this month which means $550.oo worth of donations. Everything is already bought and ready to ship! Thanks to all of our readers!!

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  1. FireandIce

    Thank you so much! I got it and I will send off your stemapunk Alice prints tomorrow! I will miss them 🙂


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