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26 Mar, 2010 by in simon schuster, utah authors 3 comments

Spiderwick Chronicles #2,4-bought used for my kiddos
Fablehaven boxed set-Won from Simon Schuster
So Yesterday by Scott Westerfield-bought used
Sweep by Kate Tiernan– bought used
Vampire Diaries by L.H. Smith-bought used
This Lullabye by Sarah Dessen -Giving Away, stay tuned!
Missing by Utah author Sandra Gibb Hinrichson-in the mail to review
Love Your Body by Brooke Parker PHD- in the mail to review
Zan-Gah books- in the mail to review
Shakepeare picture books- bought used
Bedtime at the Swamp, Cool Daddy Rat and The Middle Child Blues
by Utah author Kristyn Crow-in the mail to review

3 Responses to “In My Mailbox”

  1. blue eyed night owl

    What an amazing pile of books, they seem like so much fun to read. I myself still love the spiderwick chronicles, just the cover of the books looks to good to be true.

  2. Aye.Me?

    Wow, lot’s of good books!

    I enjoyed So Yesterday, though it did confuse me a bit, it’s definitely one I want to reread!

  3. Book Crazy Jenn

    OHH I cant wait to hear what you think of Fablehaven, Aubrey and I love that series, we just got the last book in…cant wait to read it!


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