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Today’s Flickr Friday artist is Rewedagain –Robert Dunn

His whimsical watercolor-like illustrations called to me. And, I so want to travel to Scotland so when I found out that’s where he is from it made him even more cool! Here’s our interview:

Where were you born?
Paisley, Scotland. I wouldn’t stop there if you’re ever driving by…

Did you graduate from college, if so from where and in what major?
I have a complicated history with the education system. It wasn’t until the late nineties that I realised I had no interest in studying or painting fine art. I quit art school after three days and ended up studying illustration in Glasgow… Having an interest in what I was doing made all the difference and I ended up doing quite well in that little class.

What are your hobbies?
Ha! You’re assuming I have time for hobbies… everything at the moment is wrapped up in drawing and being a dad. Go back in time three years and ask me the question again…

What are your favorite all-time books?
The New York Trilogy (Paul Auster)… Lunar Park (Brett Easton Ellis)… Bukowski, Hunter… you know – cheery stuff.

Who is your hero/ mentor?
My wife keeps me in check…. She takes b.s. from nobody. Everybody should have one.

What suggestion would you give young writers?
Ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it a need? A compulsion? How dedicated are you… I’d suggest people should weigh up in their heads exactly the lengths they’d be prepared to go to to succeed.

Do you have another day job?
I am the sixth worst civil servant in the Scottish Land registry… It’s straight out of Brazil. (WOW!!!!)

Favorite music? Does music or art inspire your work?
Of course. I like bleak nosiy music that accurately recreates the sensation of screaming in a coffin… Art – I mostly just like Illustrators. Arthur Rackham, Ian Miller, James Jean, Ray Ceaser, Laurie Lipton, Derek Hess, Chris Mars… Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro are obvious influences…

Are you working on any books right now?
If I was foolhardy enough to brave crawling through the work, folios, papers and writings that hide in the empyreal that is my attic, then I could pull out at least three for you…

What is your all-time favorite children’s book?
George’s marvellous medicine… maybe it was Rick Mayall narrating it on Jackanory when I was young that added to the madness associated with that book…

What are the names of your published works?
Presently it’s all magazine work…

How did you find an agent?
I had a few names to check out… I picked the ten best pics from the forty or so pieces I’d done in the previous six months and emailed them. I got a reply a day or two later and that was that…

Where did the inspiration for your book come from?
I have a large queue of images in my head that form when I’m not looking. I don’t use source material or particularly seek out inspiration… although in saying that, words are great stimulus. I love the Illustration Friday challenge… one word and bam! – another headfull…

Check out Robert’s amazing photostream here Go forth and comment!

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  1. joe Dirt

    Thank you for sharing all of your answers and your lds books I think it is amazing when someone can sit down and write as many books as you have! I love reading them so keep it up!


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