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Double Deceit Blog Tour

16 Aug, 2011 by in stephanie humphreys, walnut springs press 6 comments

Double Deceit

by Stephanie Humphreys

Paperback, 292 pages

Published May 28th 2011

by Walnut Springs Press

ISBN 1935217941

4.5 stars

Someone is watching . . .

As a young widow, all Elaina Bryant wants is a fresh start. Determined to put ten painful years behind her, she returns to her hometown and moves in with her sister, Natalie. Elaina soon accepts a job working at a small bookstore owned by the handsome Ryan Hill and his mother. Despite her reluctance to become romantically involved with anyone, she is drawn to Ryan and finds herself falling in love.

But someone isn’t happy with Elaina’s new life and is watching her every move. Her tormenter seems determined to destroy her sanity and her future, but Elaina can’t convince anyone the threat is real. Natalie is preoccupied with her own blossoming romance, and their friend Peter, a police officer, seems to believe the threat has been manufactured in Elaina’s own mind as a result of her guilt and grief.

Now Elaina’s plans for a new start are crashing down around her. She knows she will have to find the answers before she can overcome the past and enjoy love and happiness again. But how can she protect those she loves when she doesn’t know whom to trust?

This one’s a page turner! I picked up Double Deceit on vacation and couldn’t put it down until I found out how it all ended. You hear stories all the time about creepy stalker situations, but to become immersed in one as a reader was so fascinating.

Elaina has lost everything she loves in life except one younger sister. As a 19 year old she eloped and left home never to return. Then in a tragic turn of events, she loses her husband and infant daughter in a car accident. Alone and jobless, Elaina decides to return to her hometown to look for a fresh start. Her childhood home should be a welcoming place to heal and become a new person, but soon after her arrival things turn scary. She receives weird letters as well as phone calls warning her she needs to be alone. Elaina has isolated herself in the past and trusted no one. So opening up to her best friend Peter and a new man in town Ryan, to tell them what is unfolding proves difficult. Meanwhile things are heating up fast between her younger sister and her new boyfriend Chad giving Elaina bad flashbacks of her own mistakes.

Can Elaina, her sister and the two men get to the bottom of the mystery behind her strange follower before time runs out and they are all in danger?

I loved that the two main characters of Double Deceit meet and work at a book store.

Main love interest Ryan! He is the perfect gentleman and so supportive despite the fact that Elaina’s world is falling apart around her. With mysterious prank calls, hearing voices and disappearing evidence he could have easily chalked her up as crazy.

That Elaina comes into who she is as a person and uses therapy and a journal as well as a support system to help her grieve and change. So often in life and literature counseling is not discussed as an open and valuable tool.

I had a hard time with the last three chapters…talk about intense!

With suspension of disbelief about who her stalker was. I can’t give anything away but you’ll be kept guessing.

Content: domestic violence, kidnapping, no swearing or sexual content. Recommended for readers 17 and up.

In a sentence: Double Deceit was a well crafted suspenseful romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and checking your locks.

I’m excited I’ve found Stephanie and am going to buy her other book, Finding Rose now that I know how talented she is.

You might also like: Rebound by Heather Justesen, Meg’s Melody by Kaylee Baldwin or Chocolate Roses by Joan Sowards.

The author, Stephanie Humphreys, is giving away a huge prize pack as part of the Double Deceit Blog Tour. Make sure to stop by each blog and come back to her site every day for chances to win prizes. The tour for Double Deceit starts Monday August 15 and runs through September 2.

She will be giving away a prize package each week.

Week 1 – Wild Irish Rose by Deborah L. Weikel, a beaded bookmark, and chocolate.

Week 2 – Running on Empty by J.Burns Alsto, a beaded bookmark, and chocolate.

Week 3 – $25 amazon gift card

There will also be a grand prize. This will include both of her books, Double Deceit and Finding Rose, a beaded bookmark, and of course chocolate. Here are the ways you can enter to win the prizes.

Become a follower of her blog.

Comment on any post or comment on any reviewer’s post.

Blog about the contest or the book tour

Mention the book on Facebook or Twitter

Leave a review of either of Stephanie Humphreys books on Goodreads, Amazon, etc.

Good luck and here’s a list of the 15 bloggers participating in the tour so you have lots of chances to win…

August 15 – Maria Hoagland

August 16 – Heather Gardner

August 17 – Rachelle Christensen

August 18 – Jane Still

August 19 – Deborah Davis

August 22 – Renae Mackley

August 23 – Cindy Hogan

August 24 – Matthew Tandy

August 25 – Taffy Lovell

August 26 – Kathy Habel

August 29 – Don Carey

August 30 – Teri Rodeman

August 31 – Cathy Witbeck

Sept. 1 – Shelly Seele

Sept. 2 – Tristi Pinkston

Wolfsbane Blog Tour and Giveaway

09 Aug, 2011 by in nightshade, penguin, wolfsbane 57 comments

Fire and Ice is thrilled to be a part of the Wolfsbane Blog Tour hosted by Mundie Moms since Andrea Cremer is one of our favorite people. Here’s a bit about Wolfsbane her latest book in the Nightshade Series…

Hardcover, 390 pages

Published July 26th 2011

by Penguin Young Readers Group

ISBN 0399254838

series Nightshade #2

4 stars

When Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemies, she’s certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer—one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack—and the man—she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.

Nightshade was at the top pf my top ten reads for 2010,so when I got an advanced copy unexpectedly in the mail of Wolfsbane I may have squealed *just a little.* What can I say other than that Andrea Cremer is one smart cookie?! First she created this amazing spin on wolf lore in her first book with the perfect love triangle. Then in the second installment, Wolfsbane, the readers are introduced to a whole new set of characters. Andrea adds layers upon layers of history, back story and twists of plot.

Wolfsbane picks up right where Nightshade left off. Many of the questions about the Keepers, Guardians and Searchers are answered from a very different point of view than Calla is used to. She and Shay are in enemy territory and are soon learning things are not as they once appeared. I would recommend readers have a concrete grasp of the difference between the three groups before plowing ahead. Wolfsbane has a whole lot of information power packed into those 400 pages. Teachers and book clubs may want to put together a vocabulary list with all the terms or a map of characters to keep things straight.

The thing I love about these book is that they are not a light fluffy read- they are deep and multi faceted as well as incredibly detailed. I fell in love with several of the pack members in book one and in book two I became attached to a couple of the Searchers. Connor kept me laughing with his snarky personality and I grew to love Adne for what we see in her during the last chapter. Be prepared for plenty of action, romance and witty sarcasm.

This is one of those reviews that is nearly impossible to write without spoilers. I will say I stand firmly as team Ren though he makes some really poor choices. Shay is just not my cup of tea with his possessive, jealous and pushy personality. If you loved Nightshade you will not be disappointed with book 2! Bloodrose, the final book, comes out in February. After reading the first chapter sneak peek I’m sure we are all on pins and needles. Click here to view content warnings.

To find out more about the series, read an excerpt, where to buy & more, visit the Nightshade book site. Follow the series on Facebook and read Andrea Cremer’s blog here. See the author giving an introduction to Wolfsbane on YouTube here. Penguin has graciously provided a set of the series for EACH blog on the tour to giveaway. So be sure to head over to Mundie Moms for a full list of all the blogs participating. Thanks so much to MM’s, Andrea Cremer and Penguin for including our blog on the tour!

Here at Fire and Ice we are giving away a paperback copy of Nightshade and a hardcover of Wolfsbane. This is for US residents only and ends August 16, 2011. Simply comment below to enter! Be sure your profile includes your email address where you’d like to be contacted if you win.

Watched Blog Tour & Giveaway

21 Jul, 2011 by in book giveaway, watched 5 comments

by Cindy M Hogan
Paperback, 348 pages
Published April 28th 2011
by Createspace
ISBN 1453899154

Source: author
4 stars

It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change fifteen-year-old Christy’s life. It takes murder.
A witness to the brutal slaying of a Senator’s aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot boys.

She discovers that if she can’t help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.

Watched is one part suspense, one part action and lots of building first time romance. Main protagonist Christy has never really considered herself a part of the “in ” crowd at school. Back home she’s young for her grade, overly intellectual and socially awkward. But on a summer trip to Washington DC as part of a scholarship for future politicians her life makes an unexpected U-turn. Witnesses to a violent crime she and her group are forced to stick together when they find they are being followed and their lives are in danger. There is a feeling of danger lurking at every corner for Christy. She’s also bombarded with the new and conflicting emotions of being noticed by two guys at the same time…Alex, the cute popular rich boy she’s been eyeing since day one, and Rick who is everything she could ever hope for with both manners and honesty. Sometimes it’s hard to choose, and Christy needs to decide what she stands for.

It felt like there was a lot of self-doubt wrapped up in Christy’s mind. In the wake of all that’s going on, she doesn’t always make the smartest moves. I would have liked the author to explore resolving conflict and taking personal responsibility instead of running away. The only other glitch I struggled with was that the book ending was abrupt-completely open ended, mid scene. I am very curious to see how book two takes shape and I will be picking it up! My recommendation would be a little more editing to smooth out the rough edges. Overall, I enjoyed Watched enough that I stayed up all night to finish it and I’m very glad Cindy asked Fire and Ice to be a part of her blog tour. She’s done a great job getting her book out there.

Content: Recommended for older teen readers due to very graphic and traumatic violence, decisions which involve teen drinking, making out and one reference to the “b” word.

Buy Watched through Brigham Distributing , Barnes and Noble

Visit the author’s blogs at and

Visit all the stops on the Blog Tour
July 18th – Lisa Ann Turner
LDS Women’s Book Review
Sumo’s Sweet Stuff
July 19th Canda’s Inkblast
July 20th Teen Book Guide
July 21st Fire and Ice
July 22nd Star Crossed Book Reviews

The Giveaway: Author Cindy M Hogan has generously offered the readers of Fire and Ice two signed copies of her book, Watched. To enter to win one fill out this form. Giveaway will go through August 21, 2011.

Count Down To Love Blog Tour

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Countdown To Love
by Julie N Ford
Paperback, 240 pages
Published July 14th 2011
by Bonneville Books
ISBN 1599555166

source: Tristi Pinkston Blog Tours
5 stars

Abandoned at the altar, Kelly Grace Pickens finds herself left holding not only the bouquet but also the exorbitant bill for an A-list wedding. Homeless, a once promising singing career floundering, and her life bearing an uncanny resemblance to one of her country music ballads, she reluctantly accepts a last minute offer to appear on a reality TV show akin to the bachelor. Pitted against silicon-enhanced supermodels in four-inch heals, Kelly feels confident that she will be among the first would-be fiancés to be excused. Only, when the mysterious bachelor from New York City, Dillon Black, invites her to stay, Kelly finds herself thrust into the vortex of a game she doesn’t have the first idea how to play. Nursing her hopelessly broken heart while avoiding the foils of her fellow contestants, Kelly is oblivious to Dillon’s affections as she wades through hurt and betrayal to discover, in the end, that she has landed firmly on both feet.

Leaving behind Nashville’s Music Row for the majestic Grand Teton mountains, Count Down To Love takes readers on a journey from duplicity to sincerity as Kelly discovers that being true to oneself is the first step in finding happiness and everlasting love.

What a fun summer read! Countdown to Love is one of the few books this year that I can definitely say I would pick up and read again. Fans of the movie Sweet Home Alabama and the T.V. series the Bachelor will eat this one up. Countdown to Love opens with Kelly Pickens, a sweet Southern singer on the rise to stardom abandoned at the alter. Left with no where to live and no idea where her fiance has gone, Kelly’s not quite sure what to do with her life. In sweeps Kelly’s cousin Sissy, the producer of a popular reality show who is also left in a lurch as she’s down one female contestant. While Kelly certainly isn’t looking for love herself, she has bills to pay from a wedding that never happened so she accepts a spot on the show.

There a million laugh out loud and toe curling romantic moments in Countdown to Love. Kelly must overcome her past to be able to trust again and find out who she really is, but Dillon is just the man to help her out! Readers will enjoy all the settings and vivid descriptions of American terrain the author weaves into her storyline. I’d call Countdown to Love a must have for fans of chick lit/ Christian romance. I can’t wait to read more from this author! My fingers are crossed for a follow up novel.

Content: The main man smokes and drinks. There are a few mentions of cleavage and past sexual relationships. No violence or swearing. Overall a clean read recommended for adults.

You might also like: Austenland by Shannon Hale or Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain

About the Author: Julie N. Ford has a BA in political science and a minor in English literature from San Diego State University. In addition, she earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Alabama. Professionally, she has worked in teaching, childbirth education, and family therapy. Along with Count Down to Love, she is the author of two other women’s fiction novels due for release in 2011. Currently, she lives in Nashville with her husband, two daughters, and one very feisty fish.

In her spare time, Julie loves to ride her mountain bike, practice yoga, spend time shopping, walking and listening to music with her daughters and of course reading. Some of her favorite authors include, Daphne Du Maurier, Bronte, P.D. James, Michael Crichton, Linda Davies and Sophie Kinsella.

Where to purchase Countdown to Love

Visit the author’s website and subscribe to her blog by July 31st to be entered to win a copy of Countdown to Love. Good Luck! And thanks so much to Julie N. Ford as well as Tristi Pinkston for inviting us to be a part of the blog tour.

(dis)Abilities And The Gospel Blog Tour & Giveaway

15 Jul, 2011 by in lynn parsons 5 comments

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel
by Danyelle Ferguson and Lynn Parsons
Paperback, 272 pages
Published May 6th 2011

by Cedar Fort, Inc.
ISBN 1599558203

5 stars

Each day, parents and church leaders struggle to teach individuals with special needs. Using helpful information, real-life stories, and a touch of humor, (dis)Abilities and the Gospel provides ways for you to effectively teach people of all ages with autism, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and other disabilities.

Inside this useful guide, you’ll find
• Guidance for building strong family relationships
• Steps to teaching prayer and scripture study
• Practical and creative teaching tips
• Programs to help with transitions, communication barriers, and behaviors
• Techniques to help others feel welcome and valued

Find the answers you need and overcome the challenges of teaching the gospel. (dis)Abilities and the Gospel will help you develop each person’s ability to learn and grow as you build peace in your home or classroom.

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel is a resource that may be read, reread, and used many times. . . . The authors have beautifully woven the frustrations that so many people have experienced into an action-living plan to help children with special needs. —Lloyd Kinnison, PhD. Texas Woman’s University, Special Education Department

This book is an unexpected and very welcome gift to the community of churches and their leaders. It addresses so many of the problems that children, young adults, and adults with disabilities face in church activities. —Brenda Winegar, Early Interventionist/Cofounder, Kids on the Move

My Review: There could not be a better time for me to be reading this book. Six years ago our first child was diagnosed with special needs, a year later her brother was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and this year our youngest child was diagnosed with autism. As a mother with experience in sensory processing, mood disorders, speech delays and ADD… I applaud both of the authors! They know what they are talking about. Their words are heart felt and well researched; their methods have been tried in the home and in the classroom.

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel is a must read for leaders, teachers and parents. Our experience would have been much different had this book been around years ago as our children had their first experiences outside the home and in the classroom. (dis)Abilities and the Gospel insightfully weaves every day techniques such as chunking, PEC’s and rewarding positive behaviors into a language all can understand and apply. It will quite frankly be a life saver for each person who picks it up looking for answers.

About the Authors: I had the pleasure of meeting both Danyelle and Lynn at the Storymakers conference a couple of months ago. They each took time out on more than one occasion to help me through some of my own questions about individualized education plans and resources in my state. I can guarantee that 20 minutes spent with Danyelle if you win the giveaway would be well worth it! Fire and Ice gives five stars and a huge thank you to the authors for writing such an inspired book.
Find the Authors:

Danyelle Fergson’s Website and Blog

Lynn Parsons’ Website and blog

(dis)Abilites and the Gospel Blog Tour ScheduleJune 2nd – Christine Bryant @ Day DreamerJune 7th – Tristi PinkstonJune 9th – Tamera @ 3 Boys & a DogJune 14th – Ashlee @ Topsy Turvy CakesJune 17th – Heather JustesenJune 23rd – Rebecca TalleyJune 27th – Don CareyJuly 6th – Danette @ Everyday AdventuresJuly 8th – Sheila Staley @ LDSWBR
July 11th – Kathy @ I Am a Reader, Not a WriterJuly 13th – Jessica @ FringiesJuly 15th – Heather @ Fire and Ice by Little Red Reads
July 18th – Nichole Giles @ Star Crossed Book Reviews
Purchase (dis)Abilities and The Gospel:
Barnes & Noble
Deseret Book

Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card and a free 20 minute consultation with Danyelle!
You can ask her about parenting, church surivival, adapting lessons – or even about writing and publishing.

Two names will be drawn on July 22nd. The drawing will include 1 winner of a $25 Amazon gift card and free consultation; and a second winner of a free consultation. Winners will be announced on

There are many ways to enter. You must leave a comment on the reviewer’s blog letting us know what you’ve done. Please include your email address.

1 Point Each:
– Leave a thoughtful comment about the blogger’s review.
– Add the book to your “to-read” list on GoodReads– Follow our blog blog
– Follow Danyelle’s blog– Follow Lynn’s blog– Follow Danyelle on FB– Follow Lynn on FB- Follow Danyelle on Twitter @DanyelleTweets
– Follow Lynn on Twitter @ParsonsLynn

2 Points Each:
– Tell your friends about (dis)Abilities and the Gospel on Facebook with a person links to Danyelle Ferguson & Lynn Parsons
– Tell your friends about (dis)Abilities and the Gospel on Twitter with links to @DanyelleTweets

5 Points:
– Interview Danyelle or Lynn for your blog or write a blog post about why you’re excited about (dis)Abilities and the Gospel. Be sure to leave a direct link to your post in your comment so we can visit and say hello!

Crush Control Blog Tour

29 Jun, 2011 by in razorbill 6 comments

Crush Control
by Jennifer Jabaley
Paperback, 318 pages
Published June 9th 2011
by Razorbill
ISBN 1595144242
book source: publisher
4 stars

Willow has spent most of her life as her mother’s sidekick in a popular Las Vegas hypnotism show. So when she and her mom move back to their sleepy southern hometown to start over, she thinks she’s in for a life of quiet normalcy. Except that her new life turns out to be anything but, when she kinda sorta hypnotizes Quinton, the hottest guy on the football team, to fall madly, deeply, head over heels in love with her. But what started out as an innocent way to make her best friend, Max, jealous soon gets way out of hand, and Willow begins to wonder if the mind – and more importantly, the heart – is something you can really control

Willow and Max have been best friends since birth, but that about to change when Willow’s mother announces they are moving away to Las Vegas where she will take on a show as the hip hypnotist. But Willow has a plan to keep Max her BFF whether he likes it or not. In her nine year old way (and the only way she knows) Willow hypnotizes him to always be her friend forever. Fast forward 8 years, Max and Willow are still in touch and her mom decided to leave he strip to return to her quiet roots in Georgia. The good news is that Max and Willow will be together again and he has grown up to be crush worthy, the bad news it that he doesn’t seem to see Willow as more than just a friend. No worries, because she has lots of new tricks up her sleeve from watching mom’s shows and things are about to get a little out of control.

Jennifer Jabaley can entertain! Between a lovesick football player and pop culture junkie sidekick there are lots of laughs to be had. Crush Control is a fast paced fun, light summer read with well developed characters. Willow has a lot to learn about trying to control other people’s choices and asking for help when things spin out of hand. She sees quickly that her mistakes have a domino effect in the lives of others, but getting the help she needs means asking her mom. There are lessons about perfectionism and keeping up appearances in families that are applicable to all readers. Most of all I liked Max because he was so down to earth and genuine. He had the notable quote in the book “The heart wants what the heart wants” -pg. 316 I felt some of the plot with Max got lost a little with Willow trying to undo her other messes with Quinton and cheerleader Mia. I wish Max would have been given more page time and a longer role in the conclusion. Overall, I ended Crush Control with a smile on my face and I enjoyed the unique topic of hypnotism in YA.

Content: sexual references to condoms, several other innuendos including mention of acting out sex on stage, no violence. Recommend for readers 16 and older.

Learn more about author Jennifer Jabaley on her website and thanks so much to Razorbill for giving us a sneak peek!

Fire and Ice is happy to be a stop on the Crush Control blog tour. We are giving away our advanced reading copy to our blog readers courtesy of Razorbill. To enter to win fill out this form. Must be 16 or older to enter. Ends July 29, 2011.

Cinder and Ella Blog Tour

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Fire and Ice is honored to be a stop on the Cinder and Ella virtual blog tour hosted by Cedar Fort publishing which runs June 1-June 3oth.
Cinder and Ella
by Melissa Lemon
Paperback, 208 pages
Expected publication: November 8th 2011
by Bonneville Books
Source: NetGalley

4 stars
Synposis: After their father’s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn’t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself—the most dangerous place in all the kingdom for both her and Cinder. Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you’ll never forget.
I’ll have to be honest, normally I am not a sucker for fairy tales or re-tellings of princess stories. However, Cinder and Ella kept me interested. In this version, Cinder and Ella are sisters in a family of six. Their father has disappeared since a mysterious visit from the Prince who plants seeds of discontent and darkness in the home,and their mother is a shadow of a woman who spends her days at the spinning wheel–isolated and mostly mute.

The sisters are left to fend for themselves, Cinder taking a motherly codependent role, Ella strong and silent. Ella’s identity gets somehow merged into Cinder’s and the two become simply known simply as Cinderella. Their mother forgets Ella all together and turns entirely to Cinder to care for her remaining two daughters, a vain self-centered one and a spoiled young child whiteout proper attention.

As Cinder and Ella grow weary of their daily routine, Cinder turns to the palace where she retains a job as a servant and Ella runs away. Soon Cinder is swept up into the beguiling trap of the sinister Prince and praise of the court, and eventually Ella is found,captured and brought to the castle.

Cinder must learn to discern good from evil. Ella must uncover the secret that awaits in the Prince’s secret chamber. Melissa Lemon uses the legend of the trees, a twisted fairy tale and a knight in shining armor to spin a completely new take on an age old story. While some of the characters seemed a bit undeveloped and the ending was abrupt I must say I enjoyed Cinder and Ella much more than anything else I’ve read recently. I think it would be suited for middle grade readers ages 12 and up as the content is clean. There is one small swear word and only vague references to ungentlemanly behavior by some of the antagonists. I’ll be curious to hear what moral other readers pull from this story. And, I can’t help but to wonder where the Prince is lurking…will he be back?

Thanks so much to Cedar Fort and NetGalley for the early peek plus the thoughtful discussion questions at the end of the book.

Visit all the stops on the Cinder and Ella blog tour for your chance to win a copy. Or you can go directly to NetGalley and request one yourself! To find out more about the author Melissa Lemon, please check the following links:

Melissa’s Facebook fan page
Melissa on Twitter
Melissa’s author blog
Melissa’s author page on Goodreads

The MIS-adventures of PIP Blog Tour

06 Jun, 2011 by in misadventure of PIP 2 comments

The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Pennby Donna L. Peterson
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 96 pages
Published June 8, 2011
by Cedar Fort
ISBN-10: 1599558939
3.5 stars

Source: NetGalley
Pip, whose real name is Phillip Isaac Penn, feels that the world is against him as he struggles to deal with angry parents, a bossy older sister, a frazzled teacher, and memorable characters such as Bully Bart, Cheater Chaz, Know-It-All Nell, Liar Lizzy, Stealer Steffan, Conman Cody, and Tattle-Tale Tess. Every day of the week brings another challenge that Pip handles in his own endearing way. Yet, no matter how hard he tries, he realizes that it’s just not easy being a kid.

Poor PIP just can not catch a break in life! Author Donna Peterson describes his antics in a chapter for each day of the week. Every morning he wakes up with someone calling his name and as the hours go by he winds up in all kinds of trouble with his teachers, classmates and at home. This enchanting read for first graders and up addresses cheating, bullying and respect for other people’s property. It shows how adults need to take the time to actually figure out what is going on before jumping to conclusions. Told in formulaic, predictable chapters it’s a short book at 96 pages that is recommended for all. Overall a fun summer choice for a middle grade early reader. It’s a great one to read aloud because of the repetition and beautiful illustrations. Thumbs up from Fire and Ice!

About the author: Donna Peterson has enjoyed writing stories and poetry since the second grade. She has been published four times in the Idaho Magazine; wrote a weekly humor column, “Kaleidoscope,” for the Three Rivers Chronicle; and she continues to write short stories for the children at Park Intermediate School, where she has been employed for the past twelve years. Two years ago, Donna took a children’s literature class, which inspired her to finally publish her own stories.

Donna lives in Weiser, Idaho, with her husband, Brad, and her three-legged cat, Sam. Her son, Erik and his lovely wife, Shawna, live in Murray, Utah. Her other son, David, will be attending college in Japan next fall. Learn more about the author and her book at the Facebook Fan Page
and Goodreads page

There are several chances to win a copy of this book for yourself at
So I’m Fifty
I’m A Reader Not A Writer
A Casual Reader’s Blog
Keepin’ Up With LDS Bookstores

and be sure to stop by all the PIP blog tour stops for future chances to win. Thanks so much to Cedar Fort for giving us a sneak peak on Netgalley and inviting Fire and Ice to be a part of the tour!

Meg’s Melody Blog Tour

17 Jan, 2011 by in meg's melody 6 comments

Meg’s Melody
by Kaylee Baldwin
Paperback, 256 pages
Published December 8th 2010
by Cedar Fort, Inc.
ISBN 1599554771
5 stars

She paced the small confines of her bathroom as she waited the obligatory two minutes for the result. Yet, part of her sensed the truth. Not only did Austin take her self-esteem and plans for happiness, but he also took her get-out-of-this-marriage-free card.

The plus sign glared at Meg from the white plastic frame of the pregnancy test. The test fell from her hands and clattered into the bathtub as Meg’s back slid against the wall until she reached the floor.

“I’m pregnant,” she said into the quiet.

Meg never imagined she’d end up like this. With nowhere else to turn, she’s forced to rely on the family she pushed away, the church she abandoned, and an unexpected friendship to help her find her forgotten melody. Meanwhile Matt is still mourning the loss of his wife. But determined to keep things together for his daughter’s sake, he decides starting over in a new place might be just what his family needs.

This touching story combines romance with redemption and real conflict to remind you it’s never too late to find joy. Kaylee Baldwin’s capable hand renders a sincere, heartfelt story of rediscovery and hope. Perfect for romantics of all ages, this book will captivate your heart and rekindle your belief in the magic of music.

I recieved a copy of this book from the author for review and finished it all in one sitting. Kaylee Baldwin tackles grief, divorce, and the power of change in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful.

Meg’s Melody begins as young Meg Sanders finds a note in her apartment from her husband Austin, stating no more than “I’m Sorry.” His clothes are packed and gone…after eight months of marriage she is alone and left to pick up the pieces. Factor in that her pregnancy test comes back positive and her ex-husband remarried in a flash. Meg is about to become a young divorced single mother. In the years of her courtship and marriage she has successfully pushed away her family as well as the church she was raised in. Now she has no where else to turn but back to her roots. Meg has to start over on the path to healing what is broken within herself.

Matt Wilkes has just lost his wife in a tragic car accident and is left to father his little girl, Lilia. He is ready to make a fresh start in a new town and to come to terms with his own grief. The two main characters cross paths when Dr. Wilkes becomes Meg’s OBGYN. Her life is about to become interesting as a crush for her High School days begins to pursue a relationship, and Matt becomes a friend to rely on, but is she ready to move on? Can she rediscover her voice and the happy melody she has lost?

I loved every page of this book. Author Kaylee Baldwin made her heroine less than perfect, on the path to growth. She writes engagingly about what has become a sad reality in today’s world; with so many young marriages ending in divorce. Her characters have depth and their feelings are genuine. Both of the main characters have important choices to make and a long, hard road ahead of them, but as they learn to lean on each other and trust their feelings the path becomes clear.

Five stars to Meg’s Melody. It’s a squeaky clean romance that kept me engrossed with simple truths woven in between. As a reader, I connected with both the story and the people. I look forward to more from Kaylee Baldwin and would recommend this book to any and all readers… loved it!

About the Author: Kaylee Baldwin grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in English literature.

She currently lives in southern Arizona with her husband, Jeremy, and their three children. When she is not writing, Kaylee enjoys reading, starting new craft projects, and spending time with her family.

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Blog Tour- I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

10 Oct, 2010 by in scholastic, YA contemporary 1 comment

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published June 1st 2010
by Scholastic
4 stars

Seventeen-year-old Bronwen Oliver doesn’t just want a family. She has one of those, and there’s nothing terribly wrong with them apart from bickering grandparents, an image-obsessed mother and a brother she describes simply as Jesus. But there’s no natural sense of connection between Bronwen and her family, leaving her with the belief — and the hope — that she was switched at birth, that she was never supposed to be Bronwen Oliver but someone else entirely.

When she begins dating college senior Jared Sondervan, she finds herself thoroughly embraced by the loving family she has always wanted and does not hesitate to say yes when Jared proposes on her 18th birthday. Plans for the Perfect Beach Wedding before her junior year of college become plans for the Perfect Beach Wedding before her freshman year of college. And a wedding so soon isn’t exactly what Bronwen wants. But Jared is. And his family is. Or so she thinks.

Before Bronwen can determine what she truly wants, she must first determine who she truly is, and the answer, she discovers, is only partially what she thought it was. She wasn’t switched at birth, but she’s also not Bronwen Oliver and hasn’t been for a very long time.

This book was refreshing to me because it felt real. I grew up with several girl friends who married older guys after graduating from High School and could relate to much of what Bronwen was feeling. Her voice rang true to me as I think it will to many young women. She’s also quirky as a teen can be, so you’ll laugh and you’ll cry while reading.

What I liked: Bronwen wanted to wait until she gets married to be intimate. And she breaks up with her first boyfriend when he pressures her after prom. She has guts and courage. She has a back bone to find out who she is before making her biggest decisions.

What I loved: Jared! He is the perfect all-American boy and his family is amazing. I can see how easy it would be to want to be a part of all that they are. He is amazing, old-fashioned and polite.

What I felt: A wide range of emotions and even a bit sad. Thank you to Erin McCahan for keeping the plot genuine and believable. I would read I Now Pronounce You Someone Else again.

What I Wish: I wish the first scene was written differently. To me, it felt attention grabbing in a negative way, it felt out of place with the remainder of the novel. I wish that we heard more of Jared’s voice.

What I did not like: The way Bronwen describes her brother. It was distracting to me to hear the name of the Lord taken in vain.

The main themes: healing after the loss of a parent, adoption, self-worth and courage to be who you are.

Bio of the author Erin McCahan

“I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but moved to Columbus, Ohio, when I was nearly five. That’s when my mother remarried – four years after my father was killed in Vietnam – and my new step-dad, a six-foot-seven-inch, southern gentleman and surgeon, had just joined a practice here.

I worked a couple summers in his office during college, and let me tell you how much fun that was. He was a colon-rectal surgeon. On my fourth day on the job, I had such a fit of nervous laughter on the phone – having to use the word enema three times in a scripted response to new patients – that I got booted from the receptionist’s desk to the insurance office where I just typed forms for weeks on end.

Enema. Who can say enema without giggling?!

What else? I transferred undergrad so many times I lost count, but spent my best collegiate years at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and Capital University here in Columbus, where I still live. I graduated from Cap with a degree in something. Professional Writing, I think it was called. And I ended up with a religion minor because of one completely fascinating professor. I just kept taking his classes. He literally was one of those bearded, old-Volvo-driving, hang-out-for-hours-with-students kind of profs who really did change lives.

He changed mine.

I ended up going to seminary because of him, mostly studied Hebrew and Greek and loved it, but never felt terribly rooted there — or anywhere until I met this great guy named Tim — so I left and wrote freelance articles for a while. Somehow, accidentally, actually, I ended up as a youth minister. Mostly, I didn’t have the heart to say no to the minister when she offered me the job on a Thursday, saying, “I need someone who can start Sunday.” Only after I accepted did she tell me I was in charge of 12- to 18-year-olds.

Turns out I loved it. Did that for ten years, all the while writing in semi-secret, and like most writers I know, my path to publication was long, crooked and filled with the standard miseries of rejection and discouragement. But it’s all part of the process, one thing leading to another if you don’t quit – and I didn’t – and I found an agent, who sold my manuscript, and here I am an author, something I knew I wanted to be as far back as third grade.

Oh, and that great guy named Tim? I married him. He’s one of the reasons I never quit writing, telling me once to “write until you run out of pens.” I believe I was sitting on the kitchen floor crying at the time, holding my latest rejection letter and muttering something about just getting a job at J. Crew. (It would be nice to have the discount.) His enduring support and belief in my ability everlastingly overwhelm me. That’s why all my books will always be For Timothy.” –Taken from her site