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I understand I must package the book in tissue or bubble wrap

I understand delivery confirmation must be added to my postage

I will read the book within 3 days of arrival and ship within 5 days total

I will notify Fire and Ice and the next reader via email when I ship the book

I will send Fire and Ice the link to my review

If the book is lost in transit with delivery confirmed to me, I will be banned from future ARC tours

I will notify Fire of Ice via email of any damage done to the book

I will send Fire and Ice my delivery confirmation number via email when I ship the book

Current ARC Tours

Pandemonium By Lauren Oliver

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We are currently accepting print copies only for review. We do not accept erotica or advertise content that is not family friendly.

We also accept products for review.

Click “contact” on our home page to email review requests. An acceptance of unsolicited title does not guarantee review. Sometimes, we do not finish titles if it is not a good fit or we do not feel we can publish because of content.

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