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Introducing Heather Gardner Photography

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I was born in Oakland, California and grew up all over the United States because my father was in the army. During Jr. High and High School I was on the journalism staff and entered Brigham Young University as a broadcast journalism major. I was a radio announcer for KBYU FM radio and an itnern at the college television station. Through college I worked at various positions including assistant manger and senior processor at a photo store, a jazz and ballet teacher, a bookstore clerk and professional African dancer. Before finishing school, I served a full-time eighteen month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Santiago Chile and am fluent in Spanish. I graduated with a BA in Psychology from BYU. Following college I worked as a Social Service Worker and Substance Abuse Counselor Aide.

I married Todd Gardner in 2002 and left the full-time work force in 2004 after the birth of our second child. Later I returned to my life long hobby of photography. My family and I currently reside in Utah and I am the owner of Heather Gardner Photography. Most of my pictures are taken out the window of my van as I cart four children ages six and under around town. I also specialize in wedding, family, portrait and newborn photography. My husband bought me a Nikon D40 to shoot my first event and it has not been put away ever since!

A group of women in my neighborhood invited me to Twilight so I went innocently, having never read the books. The theme and story intrigued me. And the baseball scene was to die for! I started a whirlwind reading of all four books in one week. No laundry, cooking or cleaning got done during that blur of time…let me tell you! Listening to the soundtrack and audio books rekindled my creative side. I started to work on a set of Twilight Inspired photographs. Since then, I have opened several online galleries and an Etsy store to sell prints.
My journey with Fire and Ice started last month at Twi Con in Dallas. We all met at the Volturi Masque Ball and its been full speed ahead ever since. We are excited to take photos and sell our prints at various Twilight conventions and gatherings in the near future.

I am a Twilight MOM, a stay at home mom and an avid reader. Stephenie Meyer stirred deep within me the desire to get back into reading. When my nose is not in a book, I also enjoy thrift shopping, blogging and the outdoors. My favorite thing to do is take the hubby’s car for a spin and drive like a Cullen. My next dream is to visit Forks for myself and return to school for a Masters degree.


Introducing Daniel Jackson as Edward

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Daniel and Jennifer at Twi Con

Daniel Jackson
Age: 26 (April 9th)
Hometown: Alice, TX
Currently Resides: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Risk Manager for TXU Energy (electric company)
Relationship status: Single
Hobbies: Piano, tennis, movies, working out, karaoke, chess, spending time with a few close friendsFavorite Shows: Lost, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, True Blood, DexterCurrently Reading: Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
Favorite Piece of Property: Amazon Kindle, which contains all 4 Twilight books.

Daniel Jackson grew up in a small town outside of Corpus Christi, TX, playing tennis and focusing on academics. After graduating (Valedictorian), he went on to Rice University in Houston, TX where he obtained a B.S. degree in Computer Science. He followed that degree to Dallas and has climbed the corporate ladder with the same company ever since. He is currently house-shopping in Dallas to establish a more permanent residence there, and has one cat appropriately named “The Kitty.”

Daniel first heard about Twilight from his friend Jennifer Shicora Greeff, who read the books in the summer of 2008 and insisted he read them because he reminded her so much of Edward. Daniel didn’t immediately pick them up though… It took two more of his friends and his mother to guide him into the mysterious world of Forks, La Push, and of course, the Cullens. After racing through the series, including the unpublished Midnight Sun, Daniel became a twilight fan, and now understands why Jennifer calls him ‘Edward’.

“I enjoyed Twilight because it gives hope to all the hopeless romantics out there: those of us who may have been beaten down by the harshness of reality at times, but still hold onto a faint sparkle of hope that we will one day find everlasting love in a soulmate. The delicate combination of romance and fantasy was written beautifully, and the three themes that made this story so successful (as well as appealing to me) were: Some parts you wish are true, some parts you hope are true, and some parts are true. I believe that Edward serves as a role model for men everywhere, and Twilight can be thought of as a self-improvement book in a way. Getting to know Edward helps you realize that when you find that special person, you respect them, protect them, and love them, forever.”

Favorite Twilight book: Eclipse

Favorite Twilight quote:
“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”

Introducing Michael Martinez as Fakob Black

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Mike and Britten, Lisa Hansen- TwilightMOMS
My name is Mike.
I’m 5’6″. Graduated from Edinburg High School in 2006. From Edinburg,TX.

You can add me on facebook and and follow me on twitter @FakobBlack. I’m Cherokee-Spanish. Outside Twilight i work for Concord Hospitality Inc, Missy’s Modeling Studio and the seasonal Estee Lauder.

I enjoy swimming, tennis, weight training and photojournalism. I enjoy watching Family Guy, Smallville, and True Blood. I know french, spanish.

My favorite scene is the post wedding scene with Jacob and Bella. and my favorite book is Eclipse. I hope to be one of the werewolves in Breaking Dawn. I read Twilight for the first time this year after the movie came out and finished the series in a week! I had nights where i was up til 7am just to feed my excitement. And this all started because my friend Abigail told me I look like the guy from Twilight. I do my best to keep up with Taylor’s wardrobe. I want to meet the guy so I can give Twilight fans a better experience of Taylor.