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Angel Wings Handmade Soap Giveaway

13 Feb, 2010 by in satinandbirch, soap, valentine's 20 comments

Our giveaway today is from Etsy seller SatinandBirch. I was browsing angel wings the other day and ran accross this soap! WOW! Here’s what she says about it: It’s hard to believe this is soap. My tribute to hoping there are Angels all around us. I will leave it to the imagination.

I make my own Fragrance, commercially made fragrances can be very hard on sensitive skin. This is a light floral that is fresh and feminine. The top note is Jasmine followed by Lemon the bottom note is Rose.

I think they look best in white but I will do them in any color you like. I have done these for wedding favors.

They measure about 3×3. Two of them come with your order Gift Wrapped.

Each Wing is almost 2 oz each.

I guess I just wanted to create something unique and pretty.

It may just be soap you say…but beauty comes in all forms.

I am 50 something going on 20 something years old and living in Reno Nevada, I used to think I was a beach girl, but I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I was raised in So Cal and I have the most wonderful son who still is in So Cal. He is the Pride and Joy of my life.
I have lots of family here in Reno who I consider not only family but my best friends.

As I continue to browse on Etsy I am overwhelmed by the talent I see. So much beauty in one place.

I consider my soap more of a gift. A very usable gift.
The sculptures are really fun and look amazing on a soap dish.

They always will come gift wrapped and are the perfect way to say Thank You to a Neighbor or Friend, Mom’s for sure.

You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients. Your Friend- Leslie – Avoir une journée agréable et un beau voyage.

She is gifting us soaps for Three winners! To enter:
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Contest ends March 12, 2010

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

12 Feb, 2010 by in the iron king 3 comments

Pub. Date: February 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: Paperback, 368pp
ISBN-13: 9780373210084
Synopsis from Barnes and Noble: Meghan Chase has a secret destiny—one she could never have imagined…

Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan’s life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.

When a dark stranger begins watching her from afar, and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her, Meghan senses that everything she’s known is about to change.

But she could never have guessed the truth—that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she’ll go to save someone she cares about, to stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face…and to find love with a young prince who might rather see her dead than let her touch his icy heart.

Publishers Weekly
In this first book in the Iron Fey series, Meghan Chase is turning 16, and odd things are happening. Her four-year-old half-brother, Ethan, is clingier than usual, and a tutoring session with the school hunk goes horribly wrong. But her best friend, Robbie, is always there for her, even when Meghan comes home to find her mother unconscious and her brother snarling like an animal. Robbie knows what’s happened: Ethan has been taken by the fey, a changeling left in his place, and the only way Ethan can be brought back is if Meghan embraces the truth—that the fey are real and that she is half-fey herself. She agrees, but her agreement is nearly the most active part she plays in her own adventure. After that, Meghan generally gets help from a series of male characters and is towed along by their decisions and actions. It’s an odd, throwback faerie tale, and while first-time author Kagawa is a talented writer and her descriptions are lush, Meghan’s ongoing passivity disappoints, though she has the potential to develop more fully in later books. Ages 13–18.

I finished this book last week and the landscape and characters have lived strong in my imagination ever since. Julie’s fairy world is absolutely magical and hard to forget. She does a masterful job of combining traditional faerie lore and myth with her own new creatures and iron fey creations. And let me just say, Ash, the main man is SOOOO swoon worthy. He is one to look out for in more ways than one.

We are first introduced to Puck, Meghan’s neighbor and long-time friend and he steals a little piece of your heart by calling her “princess”, looking out for her and playing cute little pranks. As the story progresses, things get weirder and weirder as Meghan begins to see things and her little brother Ethan complains of a man in his closet. Soon her world is turned upside down as she discovers things are not as they seem and her brother has been kidnapped. She steps into another realm of danger, determined to find her long lost father and replace the changeling in he rhome with the real little brother now held captive.

Julie Kagawa presents a fast paced fairy tale that will keep you intrigued until the end. Four stars, (only because Meghan seems to have the mouth of a sailor when in the human world) May I say this is an amazing start for a kind and down to earth author who is fun to chat with!

I can not wait for the next installment, “The Iron Daughter” which will be out in August 2010. In the mean time, Julie is working on a brequel between books one and 2 of the Iron King Trilogy check here: around June.

Check out our Iron King photogallery at

Two websites are currently giving away the book! Ticket To Anywhere giveaway:
and Pageturners Blog Enter to win and happy reading!

Photography Friday- Aveteva1

12 Feb, 2010 by in retrogression, the iron king, urban decay 10 comments

Our featured photographer for today is Tony from Retrogression Photography. I found him after finishing the book “The Iron King” by J Kagawa. The ending scenes were in the realm of the King, full of metal and machinery. I stumbled across Avteva’s big steel set
and it fit my imaginings of an Iron King’s lair.

Tony Joined Flickr : November 2007
Currently lives in : Poughkeepsie, NY.
I am: Male and Taken Website: Retrogression
Tattoo artist, photographer, musician. Very laid back and down to earth.

He has donated one print of your choice up to an 8×10 to our winner. To enter to win: leave your name and emial address in the comments

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Contact Hope Contest

11 Feb, 2010 by in etsy, giveaway 20 comments

Since my 21 year old daughter passed away in December, I relish life a ton more than I used to
I am going to open two more Etsy shops soon, one for candy and sweets that will be named in honor of my daughter, and the other one a cell phone/purse/zipper pull charm shop. I’m a firm believer in pay it forward. Having taught that to my children their whole lives, Amy lived all of her short life like that. She relished each moment like it was the most precious yet. And I’m determined to do so more fully than ever. Fairies do indeed keep dancing. :o) I love all things fairy/faerie, elven, huge Lord of The Rings fan. I keep things ridiculously affordable because we could all use a break. So, look around, even if you’re just browsing for ideas for your own styles to create; I don’t mind. Just a single mom making jewelry for fun and helping kids with college. I love beads of all kinds. I don’t think I’ve met one yet I didn’t like. :o) It’s so much fun to look at them all and think, “Ooooooooo, what I can do with that.” Or, “How pretty that is.” Then the creative aspect is pretty cool too. Whatever comes out of my head and hands when I’m working with my beads is what I enjoy seeing in the end.

To enter to win an item of your choice
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The Way He Lived by Emily Wing Smith

11 Feb, 2010 by in book review, the way he lived 3 comments

published November 1st 2008 by Flux

details Paperback, 240 pages

isbn 0738714046

Synopsis From Goodreads Six stories. Six voices. One reality.

Monday’s Child has just lost her brother, but that’s not why she’s crazy. Tuesday’s Child is a star and wishes she wasn’t. Wednesday’s Child is obsessed with getting revenge. Thursday’s Child is on a quest to find herself. Friday’s Child is in love with a dead guy, and Saturday’s Child is in love with a guy in gray sweats–who isn’t her boyfriend. And the child born on the Sabbath day is the one to set it all in m

When sixteen-year-old Joel Espen dies of thirst on a Boy Scout hiking trip, it shakes the small town of Haven, Utah to its socially conformist foundation. And the six teens who were closest to Joel start to view their community–and themselves–in a new light.

From Amazon
With his uncanny sensitivity and boundless heart, Joel made people love him. Now that he’s gone, the ones he left behind are coping with their immense loss. His older, “crazy” sister pours her grief into a blog, while his younger sister runs away to New York. One friend is consumed by anger and revenge, while another discovers who she really is. Two learn to be true to their hearts–and all question who they are and what they’ve become.

Told from six heartbreaking perspectives on love, loss, and faith, this is the poignant story of how the life–and death–of one teen can have a profound effect on the lives of many.

When sixteen-year-old Joel Espen dies of thirst on a Boy Scout hiking trip, it shakes the small town of Haven, Utah to its socially conformist foundation. And the six teens who were closest to Joel start to view their community–and themselves–in a new light.

I first met Emily at the Beautiful Creatures release party and what struck my how outgoing and welcoming she was. A couple of days later we ran into each other at the local craft store. Since then it seems we run into each other a lot! She is part of a group of local writers called “The Six” who support each other’s events and signings. After meeting Emily I really wanted to read her book. I bought a copy at last weekend’s Authorpalooza, then sat down to finish it in 24 hours.

What intrigued me about the story is that it is written from six different points of view. Emily leaves questions swirling in your head after reading bits and pieces of Joel’s life told from others’ perspectives. The book seeps into your veins. I lost a couple of very close friends to accidents in High School so I related to the hole that someone leaves when they die, and the empty ache as well as the wondering. I give it four stars for handling a tough subject in a captivating manner. I am excited to read her second book.

Visit Emily’s website:
Emily signing my book at Authorpalooza

Angels Among Us

11 Feb, 2010 by in mortal instruments 2 comments

I spent my Waiting on Wednesday looking at angel photos on Flickr that reminded me of Patch and Norah, the Mortal Instruments series and Fallen by Lauren Kate. There are some breathtaking photos out there…Enjoy the angel gallery!

Waiting on Wednesday "Crescendo"

10 Feb, 2010 by in simon schuster 3 comments

CRESCENDO by Becca Fitzpatrick
Synopsis From Goodreads …to be released
September 30th 2010 by Simon & Schuster Children’s (first published 2010)

details Hardcover, 416 pages


description: Nora should know better than to think her life can return to normal after falling in love with a fallen angel. And Nora’s life isn’t normal – her dad was murdered, and the facts about his death just don’t add up. Now Nora’s own life is in imminent danger. Are she and Patch strong enough for the battle ahead?

Hush, Hush is one of my favorite reads of last year and really, who doesn’t love bad boy Patch? I can;t wait to hear what happens from here! In the meantime enjoy YouTube videos, the playlist, Becca’s website. The official Hush, Hush fan site, Fallen Archangel is having a Valentine’s Giveaway right now. Go on over and Enter to win some of our Patch inspired jewelry!


Playlist to Crescendo

Little Red Photo Giveaway

10 Feb, 2010 by in Uncategorized 23 comments

Check out his photostream here

Enter below to win a photographic print of your choice up to an 8×10.

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